Dear Richfield City Water User:

Currently, Richfield City has four Drinking Water Source Protection Plans (DWSPs) in place.  Each plan is associated with one of the City’s drinking water sources.  These plans are set up to conform with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Division of Drinking Water rules and regulations and to aid in keeping the water produced by these sources safe to drink.    

Residents and businesses who reside or operate within the protection zones associated with these plans (see map of source protection zones) should be aware of the source protection issues regarding the handling and disposal of any material(s) which may be a potential hazardous threat to the sources.

A public notice which summarizes key information regarding the City’s drinking water sources can be found (here).   In addition, please find DEQ Fact Sheets describing Best Management Practices which, if followed, will help protect Richfield’s drinking water sources.  These fact sheets can be linked to below.

Please read the provided information and follow the outlined guidelines.  We are highly confident that the City’s drinking water sources are adequately protected from any potential contamination.  We will continue to monitor and ensure that the current level of low contamination susceptibility is maintained.  We appreciate all of your efforts to ensure the continued safety of our drinking water sources.