Minutes – 3.01.2017



                                                                                                                        At the Planning Commission

                                                                                                                        In and For Said City

                                                                                                                        March 1, 2017


         Minutes of the Richfield City Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Brion Terry, presiding.                                             

      1.     Roll Call.

      2.     Minutes Approval:  Consider approving minutes of February 1, 2017.

       3.    Public Hearing (6:00 p.m.)

               A.  Receive comments concerning a preliminary subdivision application filed by James H. and Regina R.Barton.  The application is requesting the subdivision (lot split) of property located at 882 North Main Street,           Richfield, Utah, to be known as Elevate Subdivision. 

       4.     Subdivision:

               A.  Consider recommending approval of the Elevate Subdivision to be located at 882 North Main Street.

       5.     Conditional Uses:

               A.  Consider recommending approval of Tanna Robertson’s request to operate a child care facility to be located at 45 East 500 North (CS zone, C-2 use).

       6.     Project Review:

               A.  Consider recommending approval of plans for the construction of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, Richfield Community Health Center to be located at 45 West 400 South (CS zone, C-2 use).

               B.  Review Mike Daniels’ proposal for construction of a warehouse and storage units to be located at 2657 South Mulberry Lane, Lot #5 of the Richfield Business Park.  Discuss requirements for project (MD zone, C-1 use).

       7.     Other Business:

               A.  Lisa White:  Update re: historic district.

               B.  Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation

          8.     Adjournment


 1.  Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Brion Terry, Steve Kunzler, Greg Bean,  Monte Turner, David Mower, and Lisa White.  Jeff Albrecht was excused. 

City Staff Present:   Zoning Administrator Gaylen Matheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.    

Others present:  Ryan Savage, James Barton, Trent Brown, Tanna Robertson, Jake Robertson, Brayden Gardner, Mike Daniels, Justin Abbott, Brook Rogers, and Tom Torgerson. 


2.   Minutes Approval.   The minutes of February 1, 2017, were reviewed.   Monte Turner motioned to approve the minutes of February 1, 2017.  Lisa White seconded the motion. 

Those Voting Aye: 

               Brion Terry           Steve Kunzler

               Greg Bean             Monte Turner

               David Mower        Lisa White

 3.      Public Hearing (6:03 p.m.)A public hearing was opened to receive comments concerning a preliminary subdivision application filed by James H. and Regina R. Barton.  The application requests the subdivision (lot split) of property located at 882 North Main Street, Richfield, Utah, to be known as Elevate Subdivision. 

There were no comments.  The hearing was closed at 6:04 pm.

 4.      Subdivision:  After public hearing, consideration was given to recommending approval of the Elevate Subdivision application filed by James H. and Regina R. Barton.  Ryan Savage and James Barton were present. 

The only comment from the DRC was that there needs to be a utility easement (for sewer and water) going across the east side of lot 2 in order to service lot 1.  The plan does show the easement.  There is an existing access to both lots coming off of Main Street. 

David Mower motioned that a recommendation be given that the City Council approve the application filed by James H. and Regina R. Barton requesting the subdivision (lot split) of property located at 882 North Main Street, to be known as the Elevate Subdivision.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

Those Voting Aye: 

               Brion Terry           Steve Kunzler

               Greg Bean             Monte Turner

               David Mower        Lisa White


5.      Conditional UsesTanna and Jake Robertson were present to request approval of an application for a child care facility to be located at 45 East 500 North (CS zone, C-2 use).

Tanna Robertson currently operates a daycare business in her home.  Her business is at maximum capacity.  She is interested in doing a child care facility at 45 East 500 North.  She has been approved for a loan to purchase the building.  State licensing will come and do a review in a few weeks.  She feels the building is very conducive to this use.  A school crossing guard helps children cross Main Street at the corner of 500 North.  Any daycare children who are school age should be able to walk to this location from school.  She will provide transportation for kindergarten-age children. 

The hours of operation will be 24/7.  There is a great need for this type of day care. Both she and her husband will be working at the daycare center.  They will also hire help. 

As far as parking, the Code requires 1 space per staff member plus 1 space for each 8 children.   She believes there will be 3 staff members.  As far as parking, there is a parking lot across the street that is seldom used.  It is owned by a doctor who works in Richfield only on Mondays.  He has told them he will give them permission to park cars there.  They will get a letter from him stating the same.  She asked the neighbor for 5 or 6 parking spaces.  It also looks like there are 6 or 7 spaces in front of the building. 

The State will allow them to have 1 child per 35 square feet.  The State will come and calculate the square footage which will determine how many children she will be able to tend.  She thinks they will have 30 school age kids throughout the day.  At a maximum they believe there would be 50 to 60 children, but that would be spread throughout the day and night. 

Monte Turner points out one advantage is that the street is wide and it is asphalt.  The Robertsons would need to encourage parents to drop off their kids driving from east to west.  As far as parking, generally parents are only there for a few minutes.  They were told to make sure parents drop off their children so the children don’t have to cross the street.

David Mower motioned to recommend approval of Tanna Robertson’s application for a child care facility to be located at 45 East 500 North (CS zone, C-2 use), with the condition that they provide a copy of their State license and also a letter from the property owner across the street stating they can use some of his parking spaces, with the number of parking spaces calculated in accordance with the number of children that will be allowed by the State.  Steve Kunzler seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

Those Voting Aye: 

               Brion Terry           Steve Kunzler

               Greg Bean             Monte Turner

               David Mower        Lisa White


6.      Project Review:

         A.  Plans were reviewed for the construction of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, Richfield Community Health Center to be located at 45 West 400 South (CS zone, C-2 use).  The applicant was represented by Trent Brown, Sunrise Engineering; Brooke Rogers, PA; and Justin Abbott, physician.  The clinic will be built on the vacant lot on the corner of Main Street and 400 South.  There is a home on the lot next to the west which will be torn down.    

The Paiute Clinic is currently located just off of North Main Street.  Dr. Abbott sees patients there one or two days a week.  In the new facility they anticipate 2 full-time Pas, Dr. Abbott part-time, and increasing as needed.      

They are a federally-recognized community health center that receives federal dollars to help subsidize and run their clinics.  They are open to virtually everyone: private insurance, medicare, medicaide, VA patients.  They offer a sliding scale fee based on income, based on property levels, and also have a nominal fee that they charge.   A private physician could not come to the clinic and practice because would have to be an employee of the Tribe. 

Along with office staff, they typically offer optometry and dental services, as well as behavioral health services.  They believe their total staff will likely be 6 to 7 full-time on Monday through Friday with a flux of probably 9 on days when the dentist would be there. 

A drive-through pharmacy is shown on the south side of the building.  Steve Kunzler wondered why it  isn’t shown as being able to drive straight out onto the street rather than turning north in front of the building and then east out onto Main Street.  He is concerned there isn’t enough room for a car to make those turns and then safety turn south onto Main Street.  Trent Brown said the driveway can’t go straight because there is a light pole there and it is very expensive to move light poles.  Steve Kunzler wondered if they have put a template to it so they know that people can come out of there and turn south.  Trent Brown said there is an existing driveway which they will be widening a little bit.  UDOT has reviewed this and signed off on it.

The DRC notes were reviewed as follows:

1.  Sewer and Water:  Sewer and water connections are located at this site.  Impact fees will be computed taking into consideration that these properties have used both sewer and water in the past.   Trent Brown has met with Keith Mogan, City Public Works Director, to discuss the connections.

2.  A knox box is encouraged.    Agreed.

3.  Street improvements:  Street improvements are existing.  The driveway along 400 South will be moved further to the west.  The developer agrees that curb, gutter, and sidewalk will be replaced as necessary.   They will replace whatever improvements they disturb.  They are planning to replace all of the sidewalks with the exception of the handicap ramp. 

 4.  Site Drainage:  Drainage plan has been provided.  This will be reviewed by the City’s engineer.  Agreed. 

5.  Landscaping:  Landscaping is required to be 10% of the site.  The landscaping is shown at 10.5%.  Okay.

6.  Parking.  31 spaces are required.  The plans show 36 spaces.   It is suggested that the parking lot have signage directing that cars coming in from 400 South cannot turn east into the parking lot.  Agreed. 

7.  Monument Sign:  A monument sign is shown at the northeast corner of the property.  This needs to be outside of the clear vision area, to be determined and approved by Gaylen Matheson.  It is agreed that the sign will be reveiwed by Gaylen Matheson to ensure that it is out of clear view area.

8.  Trash Enclosure:  Trash enclosure is shown at the southwest corner of the property.   Okay.

9.  Fencing:  The plan shows a 6’ tall block wall along the west and south borders of the property.    Okay.  The height will be tapered down near the street. 

10. Building Elevations:  The plans show the building as being finished with stucco, brick, and a metal roof.    Okay.  Samples were shown.    

11.  Lot Tie Agreement:  Because the building is on two lots, a lot-tie agreement will have to be recorded.  A signed agreement has been given to the City.   Okay. 

12.  Engineer review fees to be paid for by the developer.   Agreed.


A medical clinic is a C-1 use; however, the plan shows a drive-through pharmacy.  Drive-throughs are considered a C-2 use which will require approval of the City Council.

Trent Brown said they plan on installing a street light on 400 South.  He said if he understands correctly, it is supposed to be installed as part of the Rocky Mountain Power street lighting system.  They will have other parking lot lights around the office. 

Greg Bean motioned that a recommendation be given that the City Council approve plans for the construction of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, Richfield Community Health Center to be located at 45 West 400 South (CS zone, C-2 use) as presented, complying with the recommendations of the DRC, and entering a suitable agreement for the street light to be installed on 400 South.  Lisa White seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 

Those Voting Aye: 

               Brion Terry           Steve Kunzler

               Greg Bean             Monte Turner

               David Mower        Lisa White

         B.  Mike Daniels and Brayden Gardner were present to review a proposal for construction of a warehouse and storage units to be located at 2657 South Mulberry Lane, Lot #5 of the Richfield Business Park.  (MD zone, C-1 use). 

Brayden Gardner has been working with the City in listing and marketing the lots in the Business Park.  He has been working with Mike Daniels in purchasing the property for a warehouse distribution facility.  There had been some discussion about getting the cart before the horse in bringing this before the Commission prior to negotiating with the City Council for the purchase of the property.  The reason he suggested coming to the Commission first was because of some of the questions they have.  He felt it would make the negotiations a little bit cleaner with the City Council. 

The exact purpose of the warehouse/distribution is confidential because of some of the clients involved with it.  There will be employees utilizing the use of the facility.  These are 1 acre lots.  They are looking at lot 4. 

Chairman Terry advised that the Business Park is owned by the City and there are CC&Rs to guide the direction they want it to go with these lots.  The Commission needs to keep that in mind.  Mr. Gardner and Mr. Daniels are wondering just how much development is going to be required.  They were told some of that will depend on exactly what is going in there. 

Steve Kunzler wonders about the CC&Rs and following them.  Brayden

Gardner said he thinks the Council might be conducive to changing the CC&Rs. 

Mike Daniels said the tenant will employ 2 full-time employees.  They have tried to satisfy all of the setbacks.  They have laid out a landscaping plan which will give them about 2250 square feet of landscaped area.  The Code asks for a total of 5% which would be 2178 square feet.  It will be a compacted gravel surface to just beyond the back side of both buildings, the second building being a storage unit.  Both buildings will be metal but with the warehouse, they will try to satisfy the architectural requirements that are set out in the CC&Rs.   

It appears the biggest issue will be allowing the surface to be compacted gravel rather than asphalt and then a question about the requirement for sidewalk.  If they are required to do more than compacted gravel, it might be excessive for their project to go forward which is why they wanted the Commission’s input.

Lisa White commented if this is distribution, she assumes there will be large trucks.  She wondered if compacted gravel will hold up to the truck traffic.  Mike Daniels said he has another business where he was going to replace the concrete.  He was advised that the compacted gravel would actually be better than the concrete.    

Mike Daniels said there will be two delivery trucks there on a daily basis.  He believes the semi trucks would come on a weekly basis or perhaps twice a week.  The delivery trucks are box trucks which are 2- to 4-ton trucks.  They will be stationed there. 

Steve Kunzler thinks the hard surface should be negotiated with the City Council.  It was noted that EC Source and Fed-Ex had compacted gravel.  They both had a lot of heavy trucks coming and going. 

The Commission feels like it is up to the City Council.  Once they let one tenant into the Business Park, then maybe nobody else will want to install pavement.  It all depends on what the Council wants. 

There was a suggestion that perhaps at least the front portion, which will be parking for employees, should have an area of paved parking.  It appears the Code only requires the parking areas to be paved.  It looks like most of the property is a circulation area. 

After they have negotiated with the City Council, they should come back here with a completed plan.  The Commission will be the approving body for this type of use as long as they comply with all of the CC&Rs.  If it doesn’t meet all of the CC&Rs, then it would probably be sent back to the Council for their approval. 

The exterior will be metal with some contrasting material.  The Zoning Code states that the front street-facing wall shall be finished at fifty percent (50%) of brick, stone, block, stucco, glass or a combination thereof.  The CC&Rs state as follows:  “Building exterior visible from a street may be entirely of brick or stone.  However, if stucco siding or other homogeneous type facing is used it must be complimented with at least 25% of a contrasting material such as brick or stone.  Other materials may be approved by the City Council on a case-by-case basis.” 

Chairman Terry said he will report to the Council that the Commission is comfortable with this proposal, but Mr. Daniels needs to realize that when it comes back for approval of the site plan, it will be subject to being scrutinized with not only the CC&Rs but the Zoning Code as far as materials used, lighting, etc.   The parking surface and exterior of the building will need to be discussed, but the Commission feels like that can be worked out.


7.      Other Business:

         A.  Lisa White:  Update re: historic district.  Lisa White has mapped out the location of historic homes on Auto Cad.  Because the homes are spread throughout the City, she has found that there is not an area where it would make sense to create an historic district and accomplish what she was hoping for.  She is starting over and has found that she could map it as a tour on Google Earth.  It will be informational more than anything.  Originally she was hoping for a “district”, but that will not be possible because of the homes being scattered throughout the City.    

Tom Torgersen asked if this would limit architectural styles, paint, etc.  Lisa White said no because that would make no sense unless there is a historic district.    

Brayden Gardner pointed out that as a real estate agent, when homes are given a designation such as historic, it can make it very difficult for resale and financing. 

Greg Bean points out that this needs to be addressed in the General Plan. 


         B.  Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation.  Greg Bean would like to see the General Plan make progress and wonders how it would be best to make that happen.  The Commission has worked on it some nights at the end of regular meetings; however, it is difficult to do that when there is a lot of business on the agenda.  He would like to propose a few extra meetings. 

It was decided that the Commission will meet once a quarter for 2 hours to review the General Plan.  It will be on the third Wednesday of the beginning month of each quarter.  A meeting will be set for April 19th

Chairman Terry said last month the Commission discussed the possibility of the City having a Land Use Hearing Officer.  The Commission tabled the matter.  The City Council reviewed it and approved it.   

Steve Kunzler said he believes the Master Transportation Plan is in good shape.  The connections are made with the highways.  The collectors are all there.  It just needs to be reviewed when developments come in.  We have a good outline to go with. 


8.  Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


PASSED AND APPROVED on the 5th day of April, 2017.

   /s/  Michelle Curtis

         Deputy City Recorder