Minutes – 12.04.2013



                                                                                                                                                Atthe Planning Commission

                                                                                                                                                Inand For Said City

                                                                                                                                                December 4, 2013

             Minutesof the Richfield City PlanningCommission meeting held on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Steve Kunzler, presiding.

          1.     RollCall.

          2.     Tooter Ogden/Ideal Acres Subdivision:  Concept discussion for subdivision to

                 be located at approximately 700North 750 East.

         3.     Casita/Mother-in-LawQuarters:  Rocky Ross to discuss possibleamendment to


        4.    Other Business. 

                 a.   Suggestion of names for appointment toPlanning Commission.

         5.   Adjournment.

1.   Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Steve Kunzler, PatHansen, Brion Terry, David Mower, Eugene Beck, Monte Turner, and Jeff Albrecht.

City Staff Present:  Zoning Administrator GaylenMatheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.    

Also Present:  TomBogh.

2.   Tooter Ogden/Ideal Acres Subdivision.  Tom Bogh is representing Ideal Acres.  Chairman Kunzler said this was reviewed lastmonth as a very preliminary concept plan. This is still in very preliminary concept phases.

As per last month’s meeting, Chairman Kunzler representedthe Commission at City Council where they discussed 750 East, the road east ofthe subdivision.  The MasterTransportation Plan shows that as a future minor collector.   Theydiscussed with the Council the possibility of changing the MasterTransportation Plan so that the minor collector is changed from 750 East to 700East.  The impact of that decision affectsthe design of these lots.  The Councilfelt like that was a good idea but was unsure if that would require animmediate amendment to the Master Transportation Plan or if it is somethingthat could be changed the next time it is revised.     

David Mower asked about the two dead-end streets whichwould be 700 East going north  and 800North going west.  This is the firstphase of the subdivision and those streets will eventually be tied into throughstreets.  In the meantime, there will betemporary cul-de-sacs as required by the Code.  Also, going west on 850 Northwould require a temporary cul-de-sac.  Thosewould have to be improved with gravel. On 800 North, they could choose whetherthey want to create a temporary cul-de-sac or tie it into the dirt road thatjoins 600 East. 

There was discussion concerning lots 11 and 12 where theyare corner lots.  There would be asphalton 700 East along the front of those lots. The preliminary plan shows that they plan to asphalt their side of thestreet on 850 North.  The asphalt wouldhave to be to the centerline plus 10 feet. The north side of those lots will also have to be completed with curb, gutter,and sidewalk. 

Brion Terry asked about 700 North where a bridge will goover the Cottonwood wash.  He wonderedwhat improvements will go in there?  Mr.Bogh said they will install curb, gutter, and sidewalk to meet City Code.

There was discussion that they will have to put in streetimprovements along the north side of 700 North. That would require the piping of the Cottonwood Wash.  In recent developments, it has beendetermined that a canal separated the subdivision from the street, soimprovements were not required. 

There are also some fencing requirements on the border ofthe subdivision that they will have to address. 

Jeff Albrecht advises they need to make a note to look atthe curb radiuses and the distance between the curbs.    

Chairman Kunzler advises the City Council wanted Mr.Ogden to visit with the property owners to the east so they are aware of hisplans before the Council will consider vacating 750 East Street as a minorcollector road.  The county lane wouldremain for access, but would be vacated as it relates to becoming to a minorcollector road.  It could be blocked offto vehicular traffic and used as a walking path or bike lane.  Before a preliminary plan is approved, Mr.Ogden should provide a letter showing he has contacted the owners adjacent tothe east. 

Chairman Kunzler advises the next step would be to makerevisions and have the DRC review it with its recommendations.  It could then be set for public hearing nextmonth. 

3.    Casita/Mother-in-Law Quarter.   Discussionconcerning a possible change to the Zoning Code allowing casitas.  There have been a few inquiries as to why theCity doesn’t  allow casitas.  The Commission wanted to discuss this and todetermine if the Code should be amended. If this group thinks it is time to allow casitas, then it needs torecommend parameters in allowing them.    

Mr. Mower explained his memo concerning the definition of“dwelling” and “family.”   The Zoning Code defines “dwelling” and“family.”  He has compared those to St.George’s definitions.  The definition inRichfield’s Zoning Code is not as restrictive as St. George’s.  His only goal was to write these twodefinitions.  He wonders about casitasand whether there is a push from developers that they want to developproperties like this and so the City needs to be prepared for that? 

Chairman Kunzler asked if the Code is too lenient or toorestrictive in those definitions.  Whenthe Code was done, a consultant was hired who had consulted for other cities aswell.  Have there been instances where wereally got caught up in some of the language that wasn’t tailored to ourCity.  If there needs to be a change to bemore restrictive in the definitions, then the Commission ought to entertainchanging that if it will improve the Code. 

Mr. Mower wondered about enforcement.  The City doesn’t go around to check on who isliving in a home and whether or not they are married, related, etc.  Mr. Albrecht points out the enforcement wouldcome if a complaint is received from someone in a neighborhood. 

Chairman Kunzler said he thinks as the Commission workswith the Code, if they feel like there is a hole in it, then it ought to beaddressed to make the Code better.  Butthere is a balance.  If it is somethingthat is black and white and can be improved on, then the Commission ought totake the opportunity to make the recommendation to amend the Code. 

After discussion it was decided the definitions in theCode are adequate for the present time. 

Concerning casitas, the Commission needs to decide ifthey think it is time to allow casitas in the City.  If so, which zones would they be allowed in andwhat conditions would be placed on those. Chairman Kunzler has had two individuals inquire whether they could haveone.  Is two inquiries enough of aconcern to consider changing the Code? Does the Commission think there is a need for a change?  Does the commission want to present arecommendation to the Council? 

Chairman Kunzler shared that he had a sister who neededcare.  She wanted independence.  He would have liked to have built somethingat his home where she could have lived. He wasn’t allowed to do that and so he ended up building her a home onthe other side of town.  Over the nextseveral years, he was at her home two or three times a day taking care ofher.  It would have been nice to have a littleapartment at his home. 

Mrs. Hansen said she wouldn’t want to live with her kidsbut if she had a place of her own where she was close if they needed her or sheneeded them, that would be much better than being in their basement or in an assistedliving/care center. 

Mr. Terry said he read an article last week stating thereis a trend across the country that as baby boomers get older, there will be abigger need for this. 

The Commission agrees unanimously that this should bestudied further and recommend that casitas be addressed in the ZoningCode. 

Chairman Kunzler asked that all Commission members givesome thought to this over the next month so it can be discussed at the nextmeeting.    

4.     Other Business.  Matt Harmon, Dave Burleigh, and Rob Millerare present with Acadian Builders.  Thisis not on the agenda but Gaylen Matheson advises they wanted to give theCommission a heads up as to what they are proposing.  They are proposing two 4-plex projects.   

The first project is located on 500 South at approximately135 West.   There will be one 4-plex on thisproperty.  The DRC has reviewed it andthere were 10 items that need to addressed. This also needs to go through an engineer review. 

Landscape plans needs to be provided.  The plan also shows a “rear yard area”.  The DRC felt that the entire property isrequired for the amount of proposed units; therefore, that area needs to bedeveloped.  Will the area be grass, gravel,etc.?  They intend to fence that off witha gated entrance where tenants would have a place to park their extra vehiclesor recreational vehicles in a graveled area.

Mr. Matheson said they have provided enough parkingspaces.  He points out that the designguidelines on page 124 require architectural relief.  The building is 60 feet wide by 72 feetlong.  The Code states that for every 30feet, there needs to be a relief in variation of the wall plane.  Mr. Burleigh says they have provided thatwith the gabled roof and each apartment entrance is recessed 4 feet which willgive tenants a covered entry.   They havealso provided storage pop-outs on the sides (one side faces the street).

They need to provide a drainage plan.  They will be required to replace the existingsewer service lateral as the existing service is likely clay pipe and over 100years old.

The Petitioners had thought this would be on the agendafor this meeting and they were hoping for a motion approving the project.  Apparently there was a miscommunication inthe transition with Paul Hinrichs retiring and it is not on the agenda.  They are anxious because the property isunder contract and they don’t want to sign unless they are certain they will beable to go forward with this project on the property. 

It doesn’t appear that there are any serious issues thatwould prevent the project from being approved. Chairman Kunzler said it would be the Commission’s intent that it won’tapprove the project until final plans are submitted; however, the concept andplan looks good, and he feels comfortable that it will be approved.  The major items have already beencorrected. 

This will be placed on the agenda for approval on January8, 2014. 

The other project they are doing is comprised of two4-plexes to be located at 100 North 175 East. That will go through the subdivision process and will also be on nextmonth’s agenda. 

5.   Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. 

PASSED AND APPROVED onthe 8th day of January, 2014.

/s/  Michelle Curtis

      DeputyCity Recorder