Minutes – 10.07.2015

 At the Planning Commission
 In and For Said City
 October 7, 2015
           Minutes of the Richfield City Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Brion Terry,  presiding.
        1.     Roll Call.
        2.     Minute Approval:  Consider approving minutes of August 5, 2015,
                 and September 2, 2015. 
        3.     Public Hearing.  Receive comments concerning a proposed
                 subdivision concept plan for property located on the east side of 750
                 East at approximately 850 north.  The property is owned by Roger and
                 Judy Oldroyd and Jared and Janna Thalman. 
        4.    Review Subdivision Concept.  Discuss the proposed
                 Oldroyd/Thalman Subdivision to be located on the east side of 750
                 East at approximately 850 North.
        5.     Sevier Valley Medical Cente r- Accessory Building.  Consider
                 approving proposed accessory building to be located east of the
                 hospital helipad.  (CG zone, C! use). 
        6.     Knight Interior.  Review and consider approving construction plans for
                 Knight Interior to be located at 60 East 1000 South (CG zone, C1 use).
        7.     Other Business:
                 A.   Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation Plan.
                 B.   Other items.
        8.     Adjournment.
 1.  Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Brion Terry, Steve Kunzler, David Mower, Jeff Albrecht,  Greg Bean and Monte Turner.  Pat Hansen was excused. 
City Staff Present:   Zoning Administrator Gaylen Matheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.   
Also Present:  Seth Thurgood, Ryan Savage, Tim and Connie Christensen, Jared and Janna Thalman, Jainie Thalman, Josie Thalman, Jeff Thalman, Ilene Thalman, Chuck Seegmiller, Tooter Ogden, Chet Thompson, Kathie Knight. 
2.    Minutes Approval:  The minutes of August 5, 2015, and September 2, 2015, were reviewed.  David Mower motioned to approve the minutes of September 2, 2015.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  Monte Turner motioned to approve the minutes of August 5, 2015.  Jeff Albrecht seconded the motion.  The motion carried.
3.    Public Hearing6:04:16 PM   A public hearing was opened to receive comments concerning a concept plan for a proposed subdivision to be located on the east side of 750 East at approximately 850 North.  The property is owned by Roger and Judy Oldroyd and Jared and Janna Thalman.  Jared Thalman addressed the public.  He referred to the map, showing where the proposed subdivision will be located north of the home they are currently constructing.  . 
Mr. Thalman said Sevier County is redoing the bridge at 750 East 700 North and also a bridge on Elk Horn Lane near Highway 89.  The County will be paving Elk Horn Lane and 750 East to the south boundary of the Thalman property.    
Tooter Ogden commented that at the time he proposed his subdivision which will be west of the Thalman property, he thought the City talked about vacating the road at 750 East.  He doesn’t have any objections to the Thalman subdivision.  However, when he first proposed his subdivision, he wanted to utilize 750 East and was encouraged to go a different direction accessing the subdivision from 700 North rather than 750 East.  That created some extra expense for him, and he had to purchase some property from his family in order to make that work.  He will have to install a plume across the wash in order to access his property from 700 North.  If he had had any idea that the City was not going to go ahead and vacate 750 East, he wouldn’t have done that. 
Mr. Ogden was reminded that when he came in, the possibility of abandoning 750 East as a minor collector was discussed.  At that time, in order to approve his subdivision utilizing 750 East, the improvements at 750 East 700 North would have needed to be done.  That included improving the bridge.  The bridge was a big concern and Mr. Ogden didn’t want to touch the bridge.  The Commission felt like it was worked through in a way that using 700 East was more cost effective for Mr. Ogden while keeping streets aligned.  At that time, it was not known that the County was planning to improve the bridge at 750 East. 
Since that time, it has come to light that the County is redoing the two bridges, as well as paving the road.  When the County took on the responsibility of rebuilding the bridge,  that solved some of the problems that were caused by the old bridge. 
Mr. Ogden said he just wants it on the record that it has cost him a lot of money.  He does agree with the Thalmans and he thinks it will be a great addition to that area and a great subdivision. 
There was discussion as to whether 750 East will remain rather than abandoning it.  Currently, 750 East is a County Road and since the County is putting in asphalt and fixing the bridge that will make it permanent.  Mr. Ogden is of the opinion that the road is in the City limits from the bridge to the north.  He said the County will be doing the road north of the bridge to the south boundary of the Thalman property.  There will not be curb, gutter, and sidewalk installed.  
It was reiterated that if the County was not doing this project, then the bridge would still be a big issue.  If the City had known earlier that the County was doing the bridge, Mr. Ogden’s subdivision could have gone a different direction.   At that time, the condition of the bridge was an issue and it didn’t seem there was a way for the bridge to be addressed.
It was suggested that with the bridge being fixed, it might save Mr. Ogden money if he wanted to re-draw his subdivision and utilize 750 East.  Mr. Ogden is not interested in that because he has changed his plan and had it drawn up.  It has cost him a lot of money. 
The Commission feels like as far as traffic, the subdivision plan that Mr. Ogden ended up with turned out to be a better option in the long-run.  It is likely that the City might still want to pursue that same direction.  The City was leaning towards abandoning 750 East but now with the bridge being rebuilt, then 750 East will probably be left in place.  It is still desirous to keep 700 East as is reflected in Mr. Ogden’s revised subdivision plan. 
The proposed water line for Thalmans was discussed.  There has been discussion as to whether it will go through Mr. Ogden’s proposed subdivision coming from 700 North, going north on 700 East, then continuing east on 850 North; or whether it will go east to 750East and then continue north on 750 East to the Thalman property.  Mr. Ogden has discussed it with Tom Bogh and they are trying to figure that out.  He really doesn’t want a water line up through there without the sewer line being underneath it.  If they put an 8” water line in there and have to compact it, then later he would have to go back and put a sewer line under it when he does his subdivision.  He would like to put all of it in while they are doing it. 
Concerning 750 East, as part of the street project being done by the County, they will be putting in a cement culvert from the corner of Thalman’s property to the corner of Chet Thompson’s property going south which allows the road to be widened.  The Transportation Plan shows the street as being a minor collector road which requires a 60’ wide right-of-way.    
It is believed that the County is finishing it to a width of 48 feet.  Gaylen Matheson pointed out that it is typical to take 15 feet off of each side of the road, however, the existing power transmission line makes this a difficult issue.  They will still take almost 15 feet out of the east side of 750 East from all of the property owners on that side. 
Tim Christensen is an owner of property on 750 East and further north.  He said he knows that usually the rule of thumb is that both sides of a road give up 15 feet .  Because that can’t happen with the power line, he had previously suggested to City officials that all of the footage come off of the east side of the road with the property owners on the west side reimbursing the east side for their share of the cost.  Mr. Christensen said whatever is decided as to how this is going to be handled,
he wants it in writing because it is going to affect his property. 
Some Commissioners are still of the belief that it would is wise to stay with 700 East as planned for Mr. Ogden’s subdivision rather than using 750 East as the minor collector.  Obviously, 750 East will still be used as it is in the County and the County is rebuilding it.  In looking at those expenses and Mr. Ogden’s layout, it was wise to make an alteration to the plan. 
Mr. Christensen said the City spent a lot of money on the Master Transportation Plan and it shows 750 East being the minor collector.  Mr. Kunzler explained that the Transportation Plan is a suggestion.  After looking at the expense of possibly moving power lines and improving the bridge going onto 750 East, it seemed wise to make an alteration to the Plan.  The Commission was of the opinion that it would be wise to alter the plan.
Tim Christensen said there was always the option of picking up the 15 feet on the east side and also picking up the remainder 15 feet from the east side as well and then being reimbursed by the properties on the west side of the road.  Mr. Christensen said that wasn’t even considered.  It was explained that might be true but at that time the City did not know that the County would be fixing the bridge.
Tim Christensen said the City needs to be consistent. 
Steve Kunzler said at the time that Mr. Ogden came in, the Commission did what it thought was best.  Mr. Ogden seemed to be in concurrence with that at the time.  The bridge was an issue and it seemed the best route to go.  The logic of having Mr. Ogden extend 700 East to the north was substantially less than dealing with the bridge and the road on 750 East.  At the time, it was a more viable option and was substantially less for him.  The City didn’t have the funds to rebuild the bridge and Mr. Ogden would have been causing the impact to the City by the subdivision.  The bridge that Mr. Ogden will be putting in at 700 East will be substantially less in cost and structure.  It can be done with a large multi-plate-type culvert.  Idealy for traffic, the extension of 700 East is probably more logical than 750 East.  But now the County is willing to spend money on 750 East.  It is probably the Planning Commission’s opinion that there is no reason why 700 East and 750 East can’t both exist and compliment each other in accommodating Ogden’s Subdivision and the Thalman Subdivision.    
It was also pointed out that if Mr. Ogden’s subdivision had been started, then Thalman’s subdivision could also use 700 East for access rather than 750 East.  Because the Ogden Subdivision has not been started, Thalmans will be using 750 East.   
Tim Christensen thinks the sewer line should go east through property owned by the Bagley family.   The water line will either come from 700 East going north and then east to the Thalmans or it will go down 700 North to 750 East.    The power lines will stay where they are.  Tim Christensen reiterated his concern that the property owners on the east side of the road will be picking up the entire tab for the road improvements on 750 East.  That cost won’t be shared by other property owners.  He is not opposed to this subdivision, but he does have heartburn over the street. 
It was acknowledged that some valid comments have been made.  There being no other public comments, the public hearing was closed at  6:32:21 PM.
4.    Review Subdivision Concept.  Discussion was held concerning the concept plan for the Oldroyd/Thalman subdivision to be located on the east side of 750 East at approximately 850 North.   Tom Bogh is present on behalf of the Thalmans.  Normally a subdivision proposal does not come to the Planning Commission until the preliminary phase; however, because of issues with 750 East and utilities, it is being discussed at the concept phase. 
Mr. Bogh advised that the current proposal for the sewer is that it will be east and then south and then east down Elk Horn Road.  It would be ideal if the line could go straight east to the sewer trunk line rather than the proposal which shows it changing directions a few times.  In order to go straight east, it would have to go through property owned by the Bagley family and they have not been receptive to that idea.  Because Mrs. Bagley passed away in the past several days, Mr. Bogh was encouraged to approach her family one more time to see if they want to get on board with the proposal. 
Mr. Bogh said they are still working out where the water line will be.  Ideally, it would be more cost effective to go through Mr. Ogden’s proposed subdivision by bringing it from 700 North along 700 East to 850 North and then east to this subdivision.  If that doesn’t work out, then the water will go east down 700 North to 750 East, cross the wash, and then continue north on 750 East.  The water line will be an 8” line.   A decision will need to be made fairly soon as the work that the County is doing on the bridge and 750 East will commence fairly soon.  The water line should be installed in conjunction with it if that is where it is going to be. 
Power to the subdivision will come from the east side of the property.  Natural gas is already on 750 East.   The phone line will  come with the power line. 
Concerning the paving of 750 East, the developer will pay for a width of 23 feet.  It is possible that the City would pay for the additional 3 feet of paving that needs to happen.  The County will be paving 26 feet up to the south corner of the Thalman/Oldroyd property. 
Greg Bean expressed his concern said the City and County need to get together.  Going forward, if the City is ever going to be consistent in planning, then the City and County need to formulate a common plan.    
This subdivision will be giving up the extra 15 feet and that has been accounted for on their plan. 
There was discussion that 750 East will likely have to remain as a County collector road and that it will remain 26 feet wide for many years.  The DRC also suggested the possibility of doing away with parking and curb, gutter, and sidewalk along 750 East.    
The developer needs to enter into a Waiver of Improvements.  It was explained that it is a document where the developer is not required to install curb, gutter, and sidewalk at the present time; however they are entering a Waiver where the property agrees that if a special improvement district is created, they will not protest joining the SID. 
As far as the layout and size of the lots are in compliance with the ordinance.  The main issues are going to be utilities and 750 East. 
5.    Sevier Valley Medical Center – Accessory Building.    Sevier Valley Medical Center is constructing an accessory building which will be located southeast of the helipad (CG zone, C1 use).  The hospital is represented by Facility Manager Chuck Seegmiller  and Assistant Administrator Brian Smith.   The DRC notes were reviewed as follows:
1.  Sewer LineThe plan shows the sewer line tying into existing sewer at the hospital.  What size is the line?  The sewer line is 6”.
2.  Water lineThe water line is shown as tying into the existing water line.  It was suggested that this would be a good time to tie the water lines for together for the IHC campus so that the water is looped. This should be coordinated with the public works department.  Water will be tied into the existing culinary line. 
3.  Fire HydrantFire hydrant is 100 feet away in the south parking lot
4.  Site DrainageSite drainage is shown.  They will take a look at drainage and make sure it is adequate. 
5.  LandscapeLandscape shown is adequate with rock, mulch, trees, shrubs
6.  Parking.   It appears that two parking spaces will be lost as part of the driveway.  It does not appear that this will be a problem.  Although not required with this project, the hospital is in the process of expanding parking to the north.  This will be located north of their existing retaining wall and on top of the existing wash.  They have plans to cover the wash.   The parking will be accessed from the west of the helipad.  They do not own that property, but they are in the process of obtaining that.
7.  Fencing.   A fence is not required, although a concrete retaining wall is shown. 
8.  Recorded AgreementBecause the building is located on a separate lot and will not have a separate water or sewer connection, this lot needs to be tied to the main IHC property with a recorded agreement recognizing the lots as one unitThey do not own the lot where the maintenance shop will be located but are in the process of exchanging property with the care center.  They agree that they will provide a recorded agreement. 
It was reiterated that this is a maintenance building for the hospital only.  They will be building a new emergency center which makes it necessary to relocate the existing maintenance building.  This is the first step to expanding the emergency department.  They will also need to expand parking to the north before they can do the emergency department.
David Mower motioned to approve IHC’s C-1 application allowing the construction of a maintenance building to be located east of their existing helipad on the condition that they provide proof that the property trade has transpired which will transfer ownership of the property to their name, and also satisfy the requirement for a recorded agreement tying this lot with the existing hospital campus, and meeting all other DRC comments.  Jeff Albrecht seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 
6.    Knights Interior.  Plans were discussed and reviewed for the construction of Knights Interior to be located at 60 East 1000 South (CG zone, C1 use).  Kathy Knight, Seth Thurgood, and Ryan Savage are present.  They have reviewed all of the DRC comments of September 30, 2015, and are in agreement with the items as set out below:

  1. SidewalkThe plan shows a 6’ sidewalk to be installed along 1000 South.
  2. Street LightInstall a street light within 200 feet of Main StreetTheir plan has been changed to reflect the installation of a street light. 
  3.  Drainage.   Site drainage is shown on the plan.  To be reviewed by City engineer.
  4.  LandscapingLandscaping is shown at 10.3%.   Provide a detailed landscape plan showing types and sizes of plants.  They have provided a landscaping plan. 
  5.  ParkingShows 25 parking spaces which complies with the Code.  Show where freight will be delivered.    Mr. Savage said freight trucks will use the west entrance to pull into the parking lot.  They will unload in front of the store.  Ms. Knight said most of their inventory is stored in a storage unit and then they bring it to the store as needed.  The trucks that deliver to the store are smaller trucks that drop smaller boxes.  They are UPS/FedEX type trucks.  They won’t be in the road or affect traffic in any way.

It was recommended that they make sure the handicap stalls are adequate.The requirement is for one handicap stall per 25 spaces of parking.
Jeff Albrecht commented that a larger delivery truck might need a wider ingress/egress.  What is shown on the plan is alright for what is currently planned for the site.  However, Mr. Albrecht said they could shrink the island down and make the entrance and exit a little wider which would be better
6.    ElevationsProvide building elevations.  Mechanical equipment to be screenedBuilding elevation has been provided. 
7.  FeesDeveloper to pay utility impact fees, water and sewer connection fees.  Developer to pay all engineer review fees
Steve Kunzler motioned to approve the Knights Interior site plan for a building to be located at 1000 South 60 East with all of the above items being completed, and giving consideration to widening the entrance and exit.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.
Jeff Albrecht abstained from voting because he has a conflict of interest
having been involved in the design of this project. 
8.    Other Business:
        A.   Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation Plan.  Tabled. 
        B.   Other items.  There were no other items. 
9.    Adjournment.  Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
PASSED AND APPROVED on the 4th day of November, 2015.
 /s/  Michelle Curtis
        Deputy City Recorder