Minutes – 08.07.2013





                                                                             Atthe Planning Commission

                                                                             Inand For Said City

                                                                             August7, 2013


Minutesof the Richfield City Planning Commissionmeeting held on Wednesday, August 7, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Steve Kunzler,presiding.

1.     RollCall.

2.     Approval of Minutes.

3.   Conditional Use Permit:  Big BonesBarbeque Restaurant, 545 S Main 

(C1use – CS zone).

4.   Conditional Use Permit:  Soda RunDrive-Thru Drinks, 55 East 1000 South (C2use – CS zone). 

5.   Conditional Use Permit:  DeanHatch, soda drive-through business at 179 South Main (C2 use – Dzone).

6.     Other Business.

7.     Adjournment.

1.   Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Steve Kunzler, PatHansen, Brion Terry, Eugene Beck, Monte Turner, David Mower, and Jeff Albrecht.

City Staff Present: Zoning Administrator Paul Hinrichs.     

Also Present:  BrandyPerry, Jerald Jessop, Emil Cluff, Dean Hatch.

2.   Minutes Approval.  The minutes of July 2, 2013, were reviewed.  On page 4, lines 3 and 4 need to be changed tostate the following:  “It does not seemlike it should be the responsibility of the developer.  It should be a shared responsibility betweenthe City, the developer, and the power company.”  PatHansen motioned to approve the minutes of July 2, 2013, as amended.    BrionTerry seconded the motion.  The motioncarried unanimously. 

3.   BigBones Barbeque Restaurant Conditional Use Permit.    BrandyPerry and Jerald Jessop represented Big Bones Barbeque Restaurant requesting aConditional Use Permit allowing them to conduct business at 545 South MainStreet.  This will be a 45-seatrestaurant.  The existing building willbe remodeled.

Concerning DRC comments, they are providing the requirednumber of parking spaces including a handicap space.  Those will be striped.  Sidewalk will be installed from the northproperty line to the driveway at the south. Landscaping will be in the planter strip.  They asked if it would be possible to get anextension of time for installation of the sidewalk.  Approval for that would have to be obtainedfrom the Council.  After furtherdiscussion, they stated they will do the sidewalk now. 

As far as signage is concerned, Paul Hinrichs advises therecan be up to 100 square feet on each side of a double-face sign.  Ms. Perry asked for their grand opening wouldthey be allowed to use the triangle streamers and flags if they keep those offthe sidewalk.  Paul Hinrichs advises thatstreamers would be allowed, but flags prohibited.   They can have writing on the windows and signsin the windows.  They were advised thereis a height limitation for pole signs. 

David Mower recommendsthat approval be given for a Conditional Use Permit allowing Big Bones BarbequeRestaurant to conduct business at 545 South Main (C1 use – CS zone), with thefollowing condition:  The applicants areto apply for and receive a building permit, with their application accompaniedby a drawing to scale showing where things will be located on the exterior,i.e.: parking spaces, ADA handicap ramp, handicap parking, sidewalk, andlandscaping.  The motion was seconded byJeff Albrecht.  The motion carriedunanimously 

4.   SodaRun Drive-Thru Drinks Conditional Use Permit.   Emil Cluff is applying for a ConditionalUse Permit allowing the operation of a business called Soda Run at 55 East 1000South.  This is the former location ofthe Auto Finders car lot.   They will be leasing the property.   Originally they had planned to place a smallbuilding in the parking lot and set back 155 feet north of the entrance.   However, they have since worked out a dealwith the property owner and will lease the existing building. 

There are two windows on the west side of the building whichwill be used as a drive-through.  Cars willenter the property from one of the driveways on 1000 South and drive around thebuilding.  The first window will be anorder window and the second window will be a pick-up window.  They will then exit on 1000 South.  It won’t be the type of business where many peoplewill need to park.  There is a lot ofspace for parking if needed.  There will besome tables and umbrellas on the south side of the building.  There will also be a walk-up window.

If for some reason this doesn’t work out in the existingbuilding, he would like to be given approval for the smaller building to bebrought onto the lot.  If that happens,cars would still enter and exit in the same manner. 

This has already been to the City Council to discuss theuse of a portable building.  He requesteda waiver of the street improvements along 100 East.  The Council waived those requirements becausethis business will not impact 100 East.

David Mower motioned torecommend that the City Council issue a Conditional Use Permit allowing Emil Cluffto operate a drive-through business called Soda Run at 55 East 1000 South (C2use, CS zone).  Eugene Beck seconded themotion.  The motion carried. 

5.     Dean Hatch Conditional Use Permit.  Dean Hatch is requesting a Conditional UsePermit allowing him to operate a soda drive-through business to be located atapproximately 179 South Main.  This willbe a small building located in the parking lot of the Apple Tree Inn.  Mr. Hatch said because of the earlier agendaitem where Emil Cluff is locating a similar-type business on South Main, he mayreconsider whether he is going to go forward with this business.  He is not sure this town is large enough forboth of them. 

If he does go forward, he plans to put in a 12’x16’building.  The exact location of thatwill be determined depending on where utilities are located.  The plan is for traffic to come off of 200South, driving north, and then exit out onto Main Street.  He will have approximately six employees withone or two employees working per shift. As far as restroom facilities, they will have an agreement with AppleTree Inn giving permission for the use of their restroom. 

Chairman Kunzler would like is to see exactly where thebuilding is going to be set and  thedistance from the corner of the street to the entrance.  Mr. Hatch said they may want to move thebuilding further to the east and then approach the building from Main Streetand exit onto 200 South.  ChairmanKunzler said he thinks the important thing is that the position of the buildingbe back as far to the north as possible for stacking of cars.  

Jeff Albrecht motionedto recommend that the City Council approve a Conditional Use Permit for adrive-through soda business to be located at 180 South Main, contingent uponreceipt of a map showing the placement of the building.  Monte Turner seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 

6.     Other Business.   FuturePlanning Commission meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m.    

7.     Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 8:16 pm. 


Passed and approvedSeptember 4, 2013.

/s/  MIchelle Curtis

      Deputy City Recorder