Minutes – 08.06.2014




                                                                                                                                         At the Planning Commission

                                                                                                                                         In and For Said City

                                                                                                                                         August 6, 2014


         Minutes of the Richfield City Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, August 6, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Brion Terry, presiding.


       1.     Roll Call.

       2.     Minute Approval.

       3.     Richfield Storage:  Construction of additional storage units at Richfield

               Storage located at 1605 South Airport Road (c-2 use, CG zone).

      4.      Tractor Supply Store:  Consider approving construction of retail store

               to be located at approximately 70 West 1300 South (C-1 use, CG zone). 

      5.     Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill:  Consideration approving construction

               of a restaurant to be located at the southeast corner of 1300 South

               Technology Drive (C1, CS zone).

       6.     Rue 21 Building Addition:  Consider approving addition to the Richfield

               Plaza for a Rue 21 retail clothing store (C-1 use, CG zone).

      7.    Jim’s Auto Master:  Consider conditions for business license application

               for auto repair located at 300 North 700 East and 600 East Center Street

               (CS zone and MG zone).

      8.      Wes Ogden:  Consider conditions for business license application for

               farm equipment repair business to be located at 52 East 500 South

               (C1 use, CS zone). 

      9.      Other Business.

    10.      Adjournment.



 1.  Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Steve Kunzler, Pat Hansen, Brion Terry, Greg Bean, Monte Turner, David Mower.  Jeff Albrecht was excused.


City Staff Present:   Zoning Administrator Gaylen Matheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.    


Others present:  Nick Keele, Jim Keele, Kipp Johnson, Brian Russell, Jacki Ogden, Wes Ogden. 


2.  Minutes Approval.  The minutes of July 2, 2014, were reviewed.  David Mower motioned to approve the minutes of July 2, 2014, as corrected.   Pat Hansen  seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


 3.  RichfieldStorage.  David Cabanella is present on behalf of Richfield Storage which is located at 1605 South Airport Road (C-2 use, CG zone).   He is requesting approval for the construction of three more storage unit buildings at this site.  These will be block buildings.  He was asked if he will be putting up a fence between this and the block plant.  He said there hasn’t been a fence there because originally they were both owned by the same company.  There is a driveway towards the back of the property which has been left open because the driveways benefit the storage units as well as the block plant.  Mr. Cabanella said they have done things to improve drainage with new sumps so drainage stays on-site.  The low spots are in between the buildings.  It is good gravelly soil.  They have installed new gutters.  He will provide a drainage plan when he turns in building plans for a building permit.    Utilities are connected with Richfield Block.   However, these new buildings will not be connected to utilities. 


Steve Kunzler motioned that a recommendation be given to the Council that they approve the construction of three additional storage unit buildings at Richfield Storage located at 1605 South Airport Road.  David Mower seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


4.    Tractor Supply Store.  Consideration is given to approving the construction of a Tractor Supply Store to be located at approximately 70 West 1300 South (C-1 use, CS zone).  Tractor Supply Store is represented by John Spendlove. 


The DRC minutes were reviewed as follows:


1.  SewerSewer is shown as an 8” line.  This will connect onto the sewer on 1300 South on the north side of Wal-Mart’s parking lot.  If it is necessary to cut into the road, the developer will be responsible for the cost of repairs.  The sewer line will be taken west to 100 West Street and then north along 100 West Street to the north property line.  Mr. Spendlove says the sewer connection with be close to the pavement on 1300 South, but if they do have to cut into it, they will replace it at the developer’s cost.   


2. WaterThere is a 12” water line on 1300 South and a 6” water line on 100 West.  They will hook into the water on 100 WestThey plan to connect to water on 100 West because that is closest to their building.  Steve Kunzler asked about the pay-back agreement to Wal-Mart.  The water on 1300 South has been included in the pay-back agreement but Tractor Supply chooses to connect on 100 West.  Mr. Spendlove said 100 West is the shortest distance to their building. 


The sewer lateral will be a 4” servicem.


3.  Fire HydrantA fire hydrant is shown near the center of the property on 100 West Street.  Fire hydrant location is alright.


4.  Street Improvements1300 South is shown as a major collector to be finished with a 100’ right-of-way.  The City Council has entered an agreement with the property owner allowing street improvements to be completed only to the east boundary of the project site.  It has been agreed that the balance of improvements on 1300 South from this point to 100 East will be completed at a future date.


There is a payback agreement to Wal-Mart where the developer needs to reimburse Wal-Mart for the cost of street improvements in the amount of $41,172.50


100 West Street is a minor collector with a 66’ right-of-way.  Street improvements will be completed on the development side plus 10’beyond the centerline.  A payback agreement could be entered into for these improvements.


There is an existing power pole on 100 West.  It appears it needs to be moved.  Clarify how that will be dealt with.  


Tractor Supply will be paying $41,172.50 to Wal-Mart.  Tractor Supply will have a pay-back agreement to be reimbursed from the two parcels of property on the west that will benefit from the improvements being installed and paid for by Tractor Supply.  As far as connecting into the water on 1300 south, it will cost less to hook on to 100 West and the 6” is adequate for fire control. 



Mr. Spendlove said with regard to the power pole and power line on 100 West, they are working with Rocky Mountain Power to have that relocated with the new alignment of the street.  They are talking about putting power underground.  He believes they will put the continuation of that line underground as well.  The cost will have to be borne by the developer.    


5.  The fire department would prefer that a knox box be installed.  They will install a knox box. 


6.  Street LightsStreet lights are shown as follows:  Two street lights on 1200 West, a street light on the corner of 1300 South 100 West, and a street light on  1300 South towards the center of the development.  Agreed. 


7.  DrainageOn-site drainage is shown.  Previously, the DRC had recommended that the storm drain would have to go along 1300 South to 100 East, then south from 1300 South to 1500 South.  Developer has sized a retention pond to handle all on-site drainage together with their half of the street drainage.  Larsen’s Ace Hardware is north of this property on 100 West.  There was discussion that when Larsen’s completes its street improvements, they may need to retain on-site drainage or take some of theirs to the east.  The DRC recommends accepting Tractor Supply’s proposal where the storm drain would be installed to the east corner of this development with the condition that it will be installed 100 East and then south to 1500 South when the remainder of the property develops


The DRC had originally talked about Tractor Supply connecting to a drain line and continuing it east along 1300 South and then south to 1500 South.  Tractor Supply feels like that is an added cost they can’t bear right now.  They are proposing a retention pond on-site that retains their on-site water, plus they have sized it to handle drainage from their north property line along 100 West as well as their side of the road on 1300 South.  The DRC has recommended that when their parcel to the east develops, then they would be required to extend the storm drain down 1300 South and along 100 East to 1500 South.    ChairmanTerry advised that the DRC discussed that some of the excess drainage could go onto the remainder parcel to the east. 


Mr. Spendlove said that the City Council has agreed to enter an agreement that the installation of street improvements can be delayed until such time as the remainder parcel develops.  He would suggest that the storm drain be included in that agreement. 


Steve Kunzler wondered about the high water table in that area.  He wonders about introducing that much water to the surface.  Will it turn into a situation similar to Home Depot where there was 3 feet of water standing and it became a pond after the first storm.  For liability issues, they had to put a fence around it.  If the pond doesn’t drain well, it creates issues with mosquitoes and other things.  Mr. Spendlove said their test holes show the water table is 10 feet deep.  Chairman Terry said they have a dry sump at Larsen’s Ace Hardware and when it rains, the water is gone within 8 hours.  Also, Wal-Mart’s drainage never fills up.  Tractor supply has provided a detailed storm water plan.  


Chairman Terry said the concern he has with drainage is that Larsen’s Ace will be required to do curb, gutter, and asphalt along the road in front of their business.  Currently there is a barrow pit that collects drainage from Thomas Petroleum going south, including K-mart across the road which drains under the highway and into the barrow pit which is at the south corner of Larsen’s property (north corner of this property).  He is concerned what will happen to all of that drainage when there is curb and gutter. 


Mr. Spendlove said that as Larsen’s develops, they will be responsible to take care of their drainage.  The Tractor Supply retention pond is not engineered to handle that. 


Chairman Terry said the majority of the drainage is not Larsen’s, but from those other businesses.  Larsen’s is prepared to put their drainage in a dry sump on the east, but there is really no way for Larsen’s to stop all of the other drainage.  He is concerned it will end up being a problem for the City.    


8.  Street SignsAddress signs cannot be on the same sign as a traffic signThe plan shows the address street sign on the same pole as the traffic sign.  They will adjust that. 


9.  Landscaping.  Landscaping is adequate as shown.


10.  ParkingThe plan shows 78 parking spaces which is the number that was approved by the Planning Commission.


11.  Signage meets ordinance.


12.  Trash enclosure is shown on the north side of the property.


13.  Fencing.  Not required.


14.  Elevations The plan shows the use of corrugated galvanized metal panels.  The Zoning Code does state that 100% of exterior street-facing walls shall be finished with brick, stone, stucco, glass, or a combination thereof.  A sample of the materials needs to be provided and the use of metal considered by the Planning commission  Mr. Spendlove showed a sample of the corrugated metal.  Corrugated metal is shown on the front of the building.  Tractor Supply has provided pictures of some of their other stores showing the metal.  Mr. Spendlove said Tractor Supply has developed an image that makes their stores look rustic.  This is the look of their typical store.  Other than the use of metal as an awning and a decorative feature over the entrance, the other three sides of the building are brick.  Steve Kunzler said he believes the intent of the ordinance was not to have a big, corrugated metal building.  The metal on this building is a decorative feature.  It is felt that this meets the intent of the ordinance as it is a design feature. 


15.  Developer to pay sewer and water impact fees.  Tractor Supply agrees with this.


16.  Developer to reimburse City for all engineering reviews and inspections required by the City.  Tractor Supply agrees with this. 


David Mower motioned to approve the plan for Tractor Supply company to be approved as presented with the following conditions:

         1.   The items set out in the DRC minutes be met and complied with;

         2.   The metal on the front of the building does not literally meet the

               current ordinance but it is a design feature and meets the intent

               of the ordinance; and

         3.   Allowing the continuation of the storm drain to be installed when

               the remainder parcel is developed (along 1300 South going east to

               100 East and then south to 1500 South). 


Steve Kunzler seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.   


5.     Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill.  Consideration is given to approving the construction of a Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill to be located at the southeast corner of 1300 South Technology Drive.  Costa Vida is represented by architect Brian Russell, contractor Kipp Johnson, and civil engineer Lonny  Reed. 


Chairman Terry explained that this will be constructed at the intersection by Home Depot.  The DRC minutes were reviewed as follows:


1.  1350 South Street will be extended from South Technology Drive to the east.  The parking lot will be entered from 1350 South Street.    


2.  Sewer will connect to existing sewer line on 1300 South.  David Mower wondered how far north the sewer will be taken and will they have to cut into the street?  Mr. Reed said it will go just north of their north property line.  There is actually a narrow strip of property between this property and 1300 South Street which is owned by the LDS Church.   Steve Kunzler is curious about this narrow strip and asked if they approached the Church to see if that was available for purchase.  If the Church doesn’t maintain this strip of property, it will be a distraction.  Mr. Russell said they were not involved in the purchase of the property.  Mr. Reed said there is a Home Depot sign on the Church property. 


3.  Water will be connected near the corner of South Technology Drive and 1350 South with a 1-1/2” water service per City Standards.


4.  Fire hydrant will be installed on 1350 South.


5.  1350 South is shown with a 60’ right-of-way.  Developer will complete their half of the road plus 10’ beyond the centerline.  Sidewalk is not shown along South Technology Drive.  Given the fact that the intersection at 1300 South will be a signalized corner, it is felt that sidewalk should be required on the east side of South Technology Drive


Mr. Kunzler asked about extending the sidewalk along the east side of South Technology Drive.  Mr. Reed said that is one of the comments from the DRC.  The plans will be revised to show the sidewalk on the east side of South Technology Drive.

Chairman Terry said he feels like the sidewalk needs to go all the way to the corner on 1300 South.  Costa Vida shouldn’t have to do that along property they don’t own; however, it needs to be completed to the corner since this will be a signalized corner in the future.  Maybe the Church needs to be approached to see if they would put in a sidewalk.  Whether or not the Church develops this parcel of property, they should participate in putting in a sidewalk. 


Steve Kunzler said part of the traffic impact fee is to go towards the signalization of that intersection and along with that, UDOT will put in pedestrian crosswalks and movements.  If this developer is paying towards something that benefits their business to have people be able to walk across, then the City needs to make sure that pedestrians can get across there with the light.   Costa Vida said they left the sidewalk off of their plan originally because they didn’t want to leave the dirt area between their north end of their sidewalk and the intersection.   This is the type of development that will draw people from the motel across the street and they need a place to get there.  A lot of them will walk across the road rather than drive. 


6.  The developer will need to pay a traffic impact fee in the amount of $6980.00.


7.  Developer may want to consider installing a knox box.  They will install a knox box. 


8.  Plans show the installation of a street light on the corner of 1350 Technology Drive.  It may be preferable to move that light to the east on 1350 South so that it is approximately 200 feet from the existing street light on the corner.  It is recommended that the street light could be moved closer to their entrances, within the required 200 feet maximum from the existing street light.  This is agreeable with the developer. 


9.  Provide adequate parking lot lighting with downcast lighting.  Agreed.


10.  Site drainage is addressed on the plan.  This will need to be reviewed by the City engineer.


11.  Provide a detailed landscape plan showing types and sizes of plants.  They will provide a detailed landscape plan.  They plan to do similar landscaping as that across the street and at the Home Depot property.   Greg Bean asked what they plan to have between the edge of the parking lot and the sidewalk on the east side of Technology Drive.  They have not decided that.  Typically the owners prefer more drought-resistant landscaping with a lot of rocks, trees, and a drip system.  They will put in grass if that is required, but a lot of times they tend to do xeriscape landscaping.  They will bring a landscape plan back to the Planning Commission for review. 


12.  Parking as shown is adequate at the 58 parking spaces shown.  The Zoning Code would require 23 spaces.    

13.  Signage is alright


14.  Trash enclosure is shown at the north side of the property.


15.  Fencing is not required


16.  The ditch running on the north side of the property will be pipedCosta Vida is planning to pipe the ditch.  They will not be putting a fence between their property and the Church property. 


Steve Kunzler said looking at sheet C2 and the grade of the property, the slope is steep.  He wonders when they add the sidewalk on the east side of South Technology Drive, how will the slope be addressed.  Mr. Reed said they will probably add a rock retaining wall.  They will try to keep it a 3:1 slope or flatter.  They may put in a boulder retaining wall to take up that elevation.  It was pointed out that Fairfield Inn has a retaining wall and a railing. 


17.  Building elevations are alright.  


18.  Sewer and water impact fees to be paid by developer


19.  Developer to reimburse City for all engineering reviews and inspections required by the City.   


Steve Kunzler wondered about the driveways and whether or not they are designated as “in” and “out” or if they are both “in and out”.  They will both be entrances/exits.  They were advised to be aware of the proximity to the turn and of the stacking of cars trying to make left turns into the parking lot.  They were also advised that they need to make sure that the driveways are no closer than 50 feet from the intersection. 


Monte Turner motioned to approve the construction of Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill to be located at the southeast corner of 1300 South Technology Drive with the condition that they comply with the 18 items set out in the DRC minutes, and a landscape plan to be submitted for review by the Planning Commission.   Pat Hansen seconded the motion.  David Mower amended the motion to include that the certificate of occupancy will not be issued until the landscaping has been completed.  The motion carried unanimously. 


6.    Rue 21 Building Addition.  Consideration is given to approving an addition to the Richfield Plaza for a new tenant, Rue 21 Retail Clothing store (C1 use, CG zone).  They are taking three of the units in the plaza, combining them into one, and adding about 12 feet onto the back.  The reason it comes to Planning Commission is because of the addition on the back.  The DRC has only one comment and that was that they need to be aware of where the water meter is. 


David Mower motioned to approve the addition to the Richfield Plaza for a Rue 21 Retail Clothing Store.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


7.   Jim’s Auto Repair.  Jim Keele and Nick Keele are present.  Jim Keele operates an auto repair business on 300 North 700 East and also on 600 East Center Street (CS and