Minutes – 05.07.2014



                                                                                                                                                          Atthe Planning Commission

                                                                                                                                                          Inand For Said City

                                                                                                                                                           May 7, 2014


 Minutesof the Richfield City PlanningCommission meeting held on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.,Chairman Brion Terry, presiding.

       1.     RollCall.

       2.     Minute Approval.

       3.     Public Hearings:

               a.  Poulson Estates Subdivision, Phase 3

               b.  Sign Ordinance:  Wind sail/double-sided vertical banners and

                    inflatable balloons. 

       4.     Parking Issue:  Sevier Valley Medical Center.

       5.     Conditional Use Permit:

               a.  Gary Lamprecht to conduct a business at hisresidence called D&L

                    Used Tires at 115 East 500 North (CSzone). 

       6.     Concept Plan Review:

               a.   Poulson Estates Subdivision, Phase 3.  (Located on 1100 South

                     at approximately 650 West thru 900 West.)

       7.     Zoning Code:

               a.   Sign Ordinance:  Proposed amendments to Sign Ordinance.

               b.   Secondary Dwelling Units

      8.    Other business.

       9.   Adjournment.

 1.  Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Steve Kunzler, PatHansen, Brion Terry, Greg Bean, Monte Turner, David Mower, and Jeff Albrecht.  

City Staff Present:   ZoningAdministrator Gaylen Matheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.    

Others present:  Gary Lamprecht, Gary Beck

 2.  Minutes Approval.  The minutes of April 2, 2014, were reviewedGreg Bean asked aboutreferences to the “site” triangle and whether that is the correct spelling orif it should be “sight”.  Greg Bean motioned to approve the minutesof April 2, 2014.   Monte Turner secondedthe motion.  The motion carriedunanimously.

 3.  Public Hearing

         a.         Poulson Estates Subdivision, Phase 3.  The public hearing was tabled concerning thedevelopment of Poulson Estates Subdivision, Phase 3 which is located on 1100South at approximately 650 West thru 900 West. The preliminary plan is not ready. (Note:  There was no one present whowanted to make comments.)


         b.         Sign Ordinance.  (6:15:46 p.m.)  A public Hearing was held concerningrevisions to the Sign Ordinance allowing wind sail/double-sided verticalbanners.  There were no publiccomments.  The public hearing was closedat 6:16.02 p.m.

4.      SevierMedical Center Parking Issue.  GaryBeck is present on behalf of Sevier Medical Center.  The hospital has been undergoing a majorremodel and expansion.  Their plans havechanged some since originally being approved. He wanted to discuss parking requirements. 

Originally the plan was to raze themedical clinic which has been the office for Dr. Brown and Dr. Crimin.  It had been determined that the razing ofthat building would create parking spaces which would complete the number ofparking stalls required. 

However, they have since decided notto tear down that building.  The buildingwill be remodeled and used for home health services and the medical durableequipment business.  Neither of thesebusinesses use much parking as they go to the patients’ homes.  His architect has sent an e-mailstating:  “The question of whether thesouth building can remain when the ED is expanded looks to be no as we would be12 stalls short.”  Mr. Beck notes that itturns out that they will only be 10 stalls short because they have adjusted inother places. 

Mr. Beck is asking for a reduction inthe required number of parking spaces. He would not ask for this reduction if he was not completely confidentthat they do have enough parking.  Hisoffice overlooks all of the parking on the north side of the building and hedoesn’t think he has ever seen it more than 75% full, even on a particular dayof the month when the cardiologists come. During that 4-hour period, they will see 50 to 75 patients in a 4-hourperiod.   That is their busiest day andis usually one day a month. 

They have also asked that theiremployees park furthest away from the hospital in order to leave parking fortheir patients.  He believes that thereis plenty of space for them to leave the building if they can get a reductionof 10 parking stalls and move forward. They don’t want to spend any money on that existing clinic and then comeback in two years to find there is a problem with parking as they expand theirED. 

It was pointed out that the hospitalitself only needs 3-1/2 spaces rather than 5 spaces that are required forclinics.  There was a lot of discussionas to which formula may have been used to calculate parking spaces originally,whether it was based on 5 spaces or 3-1/2 spaces.  Jeff Albrecht pointed out that when thehospital renovation was originally approved, someone already went through the processin calculating those numbers and it doesn’t seem like there is any point intrying to reinvent that.  He iscomfortable trusting those numbers and if they are10 short of that number, thenallow a reduction in spaces. 

Mr. Beck reiterated that he wouldn’tbe here with this request if he thought a reduction in parking would create aproblem for their patients.  The lastthing they would want to do is to make it difficult for their patients. 

SteveKunzler motioned to recommend to the City Council that the parking plan for theSevier Medical Center campus be allowed to operate with ten short parkingspaces with the future development of the ED expansion as allowed in Section1912.2 of the Zoning Code.  This is withthe understanding the Brown/Crimin Clinic (now home care building) will not berazed.   Jeff Albrecht seconded themotion.  The motion carriedunanimously. 

5.      ConditionalUse Permits:

         a.         Gary Lamprecht is present requesting aconditional use permit allowing him

to conduct a business called D&LUsed tires at 115 East 500 North (CS zone)(C-1 use).  This business will be conducted in anaccessory garage at Mr. Lamprecht’s home which is located in the CommercialShopping Zone.    Mr. Lamprecht said thereis a demand for used tires and he would like to fill that need.  The accessory garage is a 3-car garage andsituated to the back of the property.  Theproperty is large and is actually the size of two lots.  There is pavement in front of the garage area.  His hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 5:00.  The compressor he will be using is quiet andwon’t be heard 20 feet away.  Hisneighbors have all wished him luck on it. He has a few hundred of the most popular used tires.  They will be stored at the back of the lotand fenced in with an 8-foot fence so tires won’t be seen from the street.  Discarded tires will be placed on a smalltrailer that will be taken to the landfill weekly.  He doesn’t anticipate there being more thantwo cars at his home at the same time.  Thisis the type of work that is in and out. Nothing  will be left overnight.  He will work there and have oneemployee.   Mr. Lamprecht is insured.  There is a mother-in-law type quarter withhis home that he will use as a waiting room.   

The proposed business is a major homeoccupation because the business will be conducted in an accessory building andhe will have an employee.  

As far as a signage, Mr. Lamprecht wastold that he can have a sign in the window of the home that is no larger than 2square feet.    

MonteTurner motioned to approve a Conditional Use Permit allowing Gary Lamprecht toconduct a business at his home located at 115 East 500 North, to be calledD&L Used Tires.  Jeff Albrechtseconded the motion.  The motion carriedunanimously.  

Mr. Lamprecht was advised that ifcomplaints are received concerning the business, the Conditional Use Permit canbe reviewed.    

6.      ConceptPlan

         a.         A basic concept plan was reviewed forthe Poulson Estates Subdivision, Phase 3 (located on 1100 South atapproximately 650 West thru 900 West). The Commission has the followingcomments: 

The plan shows a cul-de-sac at theeast end of the subdivision.  ThePlanning commission would prefer that the street stub out to the east so thatas property to the east develops, the street will eventually tie into 400West.  In the alternative, if thecul-de-sac remains, it appears the frontage is not wide enough on thecul-de-sac lots.   

There is a question as to the propertyowner east of this property.  If it isnot owned by this property owner, then it needs to be made sure that thiscul-de-sac does not block them from future access. 

The Master Transportation Plan shows aproposed collector road going to the south and aligning with Airport Road.  That will necessitate a curve in 800 West Street.  This needs to be looked at to see if thecurve of the road needs to begin in this phase of the subdivision.  It also appears there is an irrigation ditchrunning between lots 12 and 23.  Thatneeds to be addressed. 

7.      ZoningCode

         a.         Sign Ordinance.  Consideration is given to recommending that theCity Council approve a proposal to amend the Sign Ordinance allowing wind sailbanners/double-sided vertical signs and balloons.   Pat Hansen went to the City Council  meeting to get a feeling for whether they areon board with this change.  The Councilindicated they would like to see this change but would like to considerallowing these in the Downtown zone.  Itis difficult for businesses in some of the Downtown Zone to have these signsbecause the only place for them would be in the public right-of-way.  It seems the only place they could place asign would be in the bulb outs.  SteveKunzler said the City really needs to be careful of ADA requirements.  There has to be 4 feet in front of a businessin order for wheelchairs to go by. 

Brion Terry said the Commission hasspent several months working on this and feels good about its draftedproposal.  The signs really shouldn’t bein the planter strips, which would mean the bulb outs.

Greg Bean said in his opinion is thatthey could have the signs if they can mount them right next to the building ina secure way that does not a hazard. There was discussion about allowing them to be near the curb so that itdoesn’t obstruct the sidewalk, but then the doors of parked cars could hitthem.   

It is felt that the main thing in thisconsideration is that wheelchairs have a safe travel lane. 

It was decided that item no. 3 of theproposal could be changed as follows: “Shall not be placed in the site triangle or public right-of-way whereit would impede pedestrian traffic.   

JeffAlbrecht motioned to recommend that the City Council consider approving theproposed amendment to the Sign Ordinance which allows wind sail banners/double-sidedvertical signs and balloon signs.  PatHansen seconded the motion.  The motioncarried unanimously with Steve Kunzler voting nay regarding the wind sailbanners/double-sided vertical signs as he doesn’t think they should be on thesidewalk or in the bulb-outs. 

         b.         Secondary Dwelling Units.    DavidMower drafted proposed language which would allow secondary dwelling units inthe Zoning Code.  Pat Hansen alsoinquired of the City Council if they are interested in pursuing this.  There were some Council members opposed toallowing secondary dwelling units, and some seemed to be in favor of it.  They could see a need for this but also wantto be careful.  The draft wasreviewed. 

Proposed item no. 2 will be changed tosay that there can be one accessory dwelling unit per lot rather than sayingone each in the rear yard. 

GregBean motioned that the proposed amendment to the Zoning Code adopting  language allowing accessory dwelling units beset for public hearing.  Jeff Albrechtseconded the motion.  The motion carriedunanimously. 

8.   OtherBusiness.  There was discussion aboutthe Subdivision Code procedure.  Theoutline is for a Petitioner to bring their concept and preliminary plans to theZoning Administrator.  The plans are thenreviewed by the DRC.  Typically it is thensent to the engineer for comments and also sent to Planning Commission.  Perhaps it would be more productive for aplan to come to the Planning Commission for its comments before being sent tothe engineer.  Then after receiving theengineer’s comments and the Petitioner making changes accordingly, theapplicant could come back to Planning Commission for the Preliminary approvaland then sent to the City Council for it preliminary and final approval. 

It isn’t felt that the SubdivisionOrdinance would need to be changed, but a Petitioner could be told that itwould be to their benefit to bring a concept to the Commission before theyspend a lot of money on engineering. 

9. Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Passedand approved on the 4th day of June, 2014.

/S/  Michelle Curtis

       DeputyCity Recorder