Minutes – 05.04.2016

                                                                                    At the Planning Commission
                                                                                    In and For Said City
                                                                                    May 4, 2016
Minutes of the Richfield City Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, at 6:00 p.m., Vice Chairman Monte Turner, presiding.
1.       Roll Call.
2.       Minute Approval
           A.    Consider approving minutes of March 2, 2016, and April 6, 2016. 
3.       Conditional Use Permit.
           A.   Consider approving an Enterprise Car Rental business to be located at
                   the UDOT campus at 708 South 100 West (CS zone, C-2 use.)
4.       Other Business.
           A.    Victor Gutierrez to discuss sheds located at the northeast corner of
                  600 South 200 West.  (Follow up to Planning Commission held on
           B.   Blake Zobell to request that the Commission consider recommending
                  that the City Council revise the ordinance concerning the keeping of
           C.    Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation Plan.   
           D.    Other items.
5.       Adjournment
 1.  Roll CallPresent:  David Mower, Greg Bean, Lisa White, and Monte Turner.   Brion Terry, Steve Kunzler, and Jeff Albrecht were excused. 
City Staff Present:   Zoning Administrator Gaylen Matheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.   
Also Present: Jim Crowder, Matt Mraz, Tim Walden, Blake Zobell, Cindy Ledbetter, Jamie Purkey, Cassidy Marshall, Jeff Mottishaw, and Miguel Esheverria.      
 2.   Minute Approval
The minutes of March 2, 2016, and April 6, 2016, were reviewed.  Lisa White made the following amendments:  In the March minutes referring to the proposed clinic, the reference to the spruce trees should be that there was a concern that if they are the larger size trees, they will block the driveway.  In the April minutes concerning the review of the Natural Resources building, the developer will be adding path lighting and they are not going to apply to have the impact fees waived because they felt the fees are minimal.  Jeff Albrecht is not present but sent the following changes:  March minutes, page 3, line 38: “satifsfaction” will be changed to “satisfaction” and in the April minutes, page 3, line 4, the extra return can be deleted.  David Mower motioned to approve the minutes of March 2, 2016, and April 6, 2016, as corrected.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.   The motion passed unanimously.   
3.  Conditional Use Permit.  UDOT and Enterprise Car Rental are requesting approval of a car rental business to be located at the UDOT campus at 708 South 100 West (CS zone, C-2 use).  Enterprise is represented by Matt Mraz and Jim Crowder.  UDOT is represented by Tim Walden. Fleet is represented by Jeff Mottishaw.
Enterprise Car Rental is working with UDOT in utilizing UDOT’s campus to facilitate their rental business.  UDOT will be using the Enterprise Car Rental service, but the rentals will also be available for other State and federal agencies, and individuals as well.   They will provide a full-on rental service for Richfield and surrounding areas.  In the past there has not been a viable opportunity for Enterprise to open a rental business in Richfield.  Their partnership with UDOT will facilitate them being able to locate here.  They feel like it is a service needed in this community.  They will hire a few employees to run the office and provide a service that this community doesn’t have. 
Their office will be located at the east end of the center building on 100 West.  The office space is 144 square feet, 12’x12’, which is just perfect for what they need.  There are parking spaces in front of the building that will be utilized for rental returns and rental-ready vehicles.  The rental cars will be parked on the west side of the building at 708 South 100 West.  This area will be accessed only by their employees. There is enough space to park 17 cars.  The area is accessed by a gate system. 
Tim Walden advises that an RFP went out and a State contract awarded to Enterprise.  There will be a lease agreement between the two.  It will be a 5-year contract. 
The partnership with UDOT will be a way for Enterprise to get their foot into the City and test the market. They hope to grow in the community and will eventually put in a full, stand-alone location that does not need to be facilitated by UDOT. 
They were asked how many cars will be parked on site?  They aren’t sure, but historically, Enterprise keeps about 97% of their vehicles on the road at all times.  They are unsure what their inventory will be, but they think probably around 10 to 20 cars to start.  Because they have sites in a number of other communities, they can bring cars here from another office if need be.  They move the cars to wherever they need to be utilized. 
Their busiest time is usually mornings, and they expect there to be perhaps 10 to 15 people coming in throughout the day.  They want the market to be able to grow without a cap.  UDOT’s fleet will be reduced as Enterprise’s fleet expands.  UDOT plans to rent cars from Enterprise.
Enterprise will staff this.  They will hire at least 2 people to start the business.  They see it being a 3 to 4 person operation rather quickly.  They hope within 2 years that they would be able to look at a stand-alone property. 
Greg Bean motioned to recommend that the City Council approve the proposal for Enterprise Car Rentals to conduct a business at the UDOT campus located at 708 South 100 West, (CS zone, C-2 use).   Lisa White seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 
 4.  Other Business:
            A.   6:25 p.m.  Victor Gutierrez to discuss sheds located at the northeast corner of 600 South 200 West.  Mr. Gutierrez is not present.  The matter will be turned over to Charles Billingsley, the City’s Code Enforcement officer,  to address this issue. 
            B.  Blake Zobell was present to request that the Commission and City Council consider revising the ordinance concerning chickens.  He previously served on the Planning Commission.  At that time, the Commission had recommended as follows: 
             The Commission recommends that the Zoning Code be amended
            to allow chickens with the following restrictions:   
                        1.  Maximum of 6 chickens.
                        2.  No roosters.
                        3.  Annual fee of $30.
                        4.  Coop to be a maximum 6 feet tall.
                        5.  Coop to be 3 feet off the property line.
                        6.  Coop to be no closer than 25 feet to a neighboring dwelling.
                        7.  Coop to be covered and predator proof.
                        8.  Feed to be kept in a container that is predator- and rodent-proof.
                        9.  Coop to be kept clean and odor free.
                      10.  License to be reviewed upon receipt of complaints and license can be
 At that time, the Council reviewed the Commission’s recommendation and did revise the Zoning Code allowing chickens in the F-1, RR-5, and RR-1 zones.   Those zones are west of the freeway and south of the City. 
Dr. Zobell said the Commission did a lot of research to come up with a recommendation.  He said the health department actually encourages chickens because they help to keep pests down and chickens can be used to identify viruses such as West Nile Virus.  Also, with an ordinance in place, it allows the City to monitor and regulate.
Dr. Zobell would like that the City look at the ordinance again.  This is a rural community and people should be provident.  Cities larger than Richfield have adopted ordinances allowing chickens. 
Dr. Zobell stated if chickens are allowed as a Conditional Use, then it gives the Commission a chance to regulate it.  Lisa White said she would be hesitant to allow chickens in the smaller R1-6 zone.  Dr. Zobell said at the time of the recommendation, the Commission felt like the distance requirements would limit the size of lot where chickens could be housed. 
As far as individuals who don’t comply with the regulations, they could be dealt with under the nuisance ordinance. 
Jeff Albrecht is not present but sent comments.  He sees no problem with this other than he wonders about restricting the height of fences on pens.  He also wonders about charging a fee for having chickens. 
The Commission discussed the idea of not having a fee or charging an annual fee of $10 rather than the suggested $30.
Lisa White motioned that the Planning Commission should hold a public hearing to discuss the possibility of revising the ordinance concerning chickens.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 
A notice will be published setting a public hearing for June 1, 2016. 
             C.   Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation Plan.  Greg Bean has completed his review of the General Plan and forwarded some proposed changes.   A portion of the General Plan showing Mr. Bean’s suggested changes was provided to each Commissioner.   Commissioners will review the draft and will discuss changes at a later time
5.         Adjournment.  Adjourned at 7:05 p.m.
PASSED AND APPROVED on the 1st day of June, 2016.
/s/ Michelle Curtis
      Deputy City Recorder