Minutes – 05.01.2019

At the Planning Commission
In and For Said City
May 1, 2019
Minutes of the Richfield City Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Monte Turner, presiding.

1. Roll Call.

2. Minutes Approval: Consider approving minutes of April 3, 2019.
3. Conditional Use/Home Occupation: Consider approving a Conditional Use Permit allowing Rick

    and Pattie Sanchez to operate a business called Living on the Edge (custom corn hole boards) at

    their home at 329 East 850 North (R1-10 zone, C1 use).
4. Conditional Use Permit: Review plans for a U-Haul/self storage business to be located at 1092

    South Hwy 118. Consider making a recommendation to the City Council for project approval.
5. Other Business:
6. Adjournment .
1. Roll Call. Roll call was answered by Monte Turner, Brion Terry, David Mower, Lisa White, Susan Jensen, and Blaine Breinholt. Greg Bean and Brion Terry were excused.
City Staff Present: Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.
Others present: Brayden Gardner and Brad Ling.
2. Minutes Approval. Commission members did not receive a copy of the draft minutes for April 3, 2019. Tabled.
3. Conditional Use/Home Occupation: Consider approving a Conditional Use Permit allowing Rick and Pattie Sanchez to operate a business called Living on the Edge (custom corn hole boards) at their home at 329 East 850 North (R1-10 zone, C1 use). The Petitioners were not present. The matter was tabled.
4. Conditional Use Permit: Review plans for a U-Haul/self storage business to be located at 1092 South Hwy 118. Consider making a recommendation to the City Council for project approval. Brad Ling was present. This project has been discussed in previous meetings. The intent is to use this property as an indoor storage facility, retail space, and outdoor self storage.
Mr. Ling explained that the existing entrance will be used to enter into the main show room where they will have an office and sell moving supplies. The indoor storage units will enter from the front on the north end of the building. There will be two or three sliding over-head door accesses where customers will be able to back a vehicle into the building, close the overhead door, and load their belongings onto carts. This allows for a cleaner operation without creating traffic in the front of the building and is desirable if there is any weather. People will also be able to park and walk in through a sliding glass door. They will also use the existing loading dock at the back of the building which will be their access point to receive freight.
The inside units will have roll-up doors for the average customer, but 10 to 15% of the units will have swing doors allowing for handicap access. The hallways will go along the lines of the existing florescent lighting in the facility. The standard hall will be 5 feet wide. He does not have a construction plan yet. There will be approximately 520 units on the inside that will vary in size from 5’x5’ to 10’x15’.
The units will be individually alarmed with cameras down the major hallways, entrances, and on the exterior of the facility. Standard hours for access will be 5 a.m. to10 p.m. Customers will have a code for a key pad or a card to swipe in order to turn off the alarm. The manager would have the option of allowing certain customers a code or swipe card to allow them access before or after regular operating hours.
Mr. Ling provided a rendering of elevations. The existing arch on the building will remain. The building has the appearance of having a second floor giving it more character. He likes the appearance of having the retail strip mall to the south, the U-Haul retail in the middle, and then the storage unit entrance on the north end. He feels like that makes a nice transition from retail to the storage unit area.

The DRC notes were discussed as follows:
1. Protective Covenants: Are there Protective Covenants on file that the
Petitioner is aware of and needs to comply with? Discussion: Mr. Ling said there
are no existing Protective Covenants. The only request of the main owner is that
they don’t impede access to the rest of the plaza. They will keep the main
entrance into the plaza as it is.
2. Outdoor Storage Units: How many units and how many buildings for outdoor
storage units? The plan appears to show two strips of buildings with units on the
front and back, and then a third building with tilt-up concrete panels for the back
side. Tilt-up concrete panels are also shown for the end-caps of the buildings.
Where will these sit on the property? What color are the concrete tilt-ups?
It appears these will be placed in the parking lot perpendicular to the building.
There has been some concern expressed that they could interfere with visibility for
the other retail stores located in the south portion of this complex. Some suggestions
for placement of the outdoor storage units are as follows:
     a. Locate the outdoor storage units in the existing “garden center” portion of the building.

     b. Consider placing the outdoor storage units parallel to the building in order to keep the line of sight as clear as possible for the other retail businesses on the south end of the complex.
     c. The plan shows an area on the north side of the parking lot designated for“U-Haul equipment shunting”. Consider swapping placement with the storage units drawn on the plan.
Discussion: Mr. Ling said he plans to move the outdoor units back towards the building by about 12 feet. The outdoor facility will be one building strip with units back to back. He has been advised that the City has an ordinance limiting metal buildings. He said the roll-up doors will be orange, and the metal in between is bright white. For the parts that face out on the ends, he is willing to put
something with a block, brick, or rock veneer to give it some texture. He could match the texture of the existing building. There will probably be 24 to 30 units which would be 12 to 15 units on each side of the building. It is approximately 80 feet in length. It will cover one row of the double parking.
As far as the DRC’s suggestions for optional placing of this outdoor unit, neither Mr. Ling nor the Planning Commission thought those were good options. Mr. Ling said if you put a ruler from the traffic signal to the south corner of this building, the proposed storage units do not obstruct visibility to the other businesses in the plaza. Also, these units are not quite 10 feet tall. As far as the
suggestion to swap the storage unit placement with the area shown as U-Haul shunting on the north side of the parking lot, it is felt like that would make the U-Haul equipment more visible from Main Street and while he tries to tastefully display the equipment, it is not always that appealing or attractive. The equipment shunting area will not look as good as the storage units.
3. Parking: A total of 108 parking spaces are required for the U-Haul/storage unit business. That is calculated as follows:
         Retail area (4000 SF) = 1 space/200 SF of gross floor area = 20 spaces.
         Warehousing/storage area (83,000 SF) = 1 space/ 1000 SF of gross warehousing

                   area = 83 spaces.
         Outdoor storage (4200 SF) = 1 space /1000 SF of gross warehousing area = 5 spaces.
         The total number of required parking spaces for the entire parking complex is 263 spaces.

The plan shows a total of 298 spaces.
Discussion: Parking is not going to be an issue. The parking numbers set out are for the entire plaza.
4. Parking Lot: Parking lot to be repaired and striped. This parking lot is frequently used by vehicles going from Main Street to Cove View Road. U-Haul may want to consider striping the parking lot in such a way so as to direct traffic through a specific route.
Discussion: The parking lot does need to be repaired, and he is prepared to do whatever it takes including repair on the north side of the building going to the canal. Striping will be done. Mr. Ling also does not have a problem with vehicles traveling through here from Main Street to Cove View Road. They will put up signage, paint arrows, or whatever so that their customers and employees are protected.
5. Conditional Use: Storage units are a conditional use. If additional storage units are added at any time in the future, plans will need to be approved by the Planning Commission and City Council.
Discussion: Agreed.
Mr. Ling said the inside will be done in two phases. When the first stage starts to fill up, they will start the second phase.
Lisa White motioned to recommend that the City Council approve the U-Haul self storage business to be located at 1092 South Hwy 118 as presented and discussed above. Blaine Breinholt seconded the motion. Those voting aye: Lisa White, Susan Jensen, David Mower, Monte Turner, and Blaine Breinholt. Those voting nay: None. The motion carried unanimously.
5. Other Business: Brayden Gardner was present to discuss possibilities for the property located west of 201 East 500 North. The property is currently zoned CS. He is the real estate agent for this property and has placed it on the market. He wonders about the possibility of changing the zone to RM-11 which would allow multi-family residential.
The Commission would be willing to consider this at a public hearing. Mr. Gardner will be back in contact if he wants to go through the process of changing the zone.
6. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.
PASSED AND APPROVED on the 5th day of June, 2019.
/s/  Michelle Curtis
        Deputy City Recorder