Minutes – 03.02.2016

                                                                                    At the Planning Commission
                                                                                    In and For Said City
                                                                                    March 2, 2016
            Minutes of the Richfield City Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Brion Terry, presiding.
           1.     Roll Call.
          2.     Minute Approval.  Consider approving minutes of February 3, 2016.
          3.     Proposed Clinic. Consider approving plans submitted by James H.
                  Barton for the construction of Medical/Dental Clinic to be located at the
                  NE corner of Main Street and 900 North (C1 use, CS zone). 
          4.     Sevier Valley Medical Center.  Review concept plan for construction
                  of new additions at the hospital (Emergency Department and Women’s
          5.     Discuss Possible Rezone.  Chris Matthews to discuss the possibility
                  of rezoning property located at the northeast corner of 200 North 600
                  East.  The property is zoned RM-11.  The proposal would be to change
                  the zone to CS in order to allow for a daycare center. 
          6.     Other Business:
                  A.   Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation Plan.
                  B.   Discuss setting meeting with City council and Ombudsman for
                         training and question/answer session.
                  C.  Other items. 
          7.     Adjournment.
 1.  Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Brion Terry, David Mower, Greg Bean, Steve Kunzler, Lisa White, and Monte Turner.  Jeff Albrecht was excused. 
City Staff Present:   Zoning Administrator Gaylen Matheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.   
Also Present:   Jim Barton, Regina Barton, Blaine Poulson, Jon Ogden, Chris Matthews, Brent Schmidt, Cade Hunter, and Gary Beck.
2.    Minutes Approval.  The minutes of February 3, 2016, were reviewed.  David Mower motioned to approve the minutes of February 3, 2016.  Lisa White seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 
3.    Proposed Clinic.  James Barton and Regina Barton are present.  They presented plans proposing the construction of a medical/dental clinic to be located at the northeast corner of Main Street and 900 North.  (C-1 use, CS zone).   
Chairman Terry advises that he was present at the DRC meeting.  There were a couple of concerns as far as the accesses off of Main Street and 900 North.  There was a question as to whether the entrance on 900 North is a far enough distance away from the intersection because this intersection will be signalized at some point in the future.  The original proposal showed two driveways off of 900 North.  They will eliminate the driveway furthest west and move the remaining driveway further to the east in order to leave the required space between the intersection and the driveway.  It will be 180 feet east of the intersection. 
Dr. Barton also advises that they have been working with UDOT concerning an existing access coming directly off of Main Street at the south end of the property.  They have reached an agreement with UDOT where they will be allowed to move the access point further to the north which will be near the center of the property.  This also has the effect of lining up the access with the access to properties across the street.  Dr. Barton plans to subdivide this property at some point in the future, and this will work well as a shared access for the two lots. 
The plan is for a two-story building which will house Richfield Oral and Facial Surgery Center.  He anticipates having a staff of two or three.  Parking as shown appears to be adequate.  The building has a walk-out basement and will be rented out to another business. 
Lisa White pointed out some concerns about accessibility.  Under ADA guidelines, there will need to be one 8’ van-accessible aisle.  The plan shows one handicap space with a 5’ access aisle which is the standard ADA size, but she believes they are required to have a van-accessible ADA site.
Also, the northwest parking spur needs sort of a “T” on the east side in order for a car parked in spot number 5 to be able to get out.  Dr. Barton said he will eliminate parking space 5.  Concerning the landscape plan, it shows two different sizes of Black Hill Spruce.   If they are the larger size, they will block the driveway. 
Another concern is to double check that the bathroom is ADA compliant.  There was also discussion as to whether the two-story building needs an elevator.  Dr. Barton said he doesn’t believe he needs an elevator because both levels are accessible.  The basement portion will be a completely separate business and there will be no need for people to go between his office and the offices downstairs.  The basement is accessible since it is a walk-out basement.  The accessible route between the two would be the sidewalk/driveway which might comply with ADA requirements; however, since this is a medical facility, total compliance with ADA makes sense to Mrs. White. 
Gaylen Matheson said the building code only requires accessibility to each level, but not necessarily between the two levels.  Dr. Barton reiterated that the bottom level will be rented to another business and nobody from his office will have any reason to go into the lower level.  The lower office will not be accessed through his office. 
Steve Kunzler wondered if they are planning to have on-street parking on 900 North.  Mr. Kunzler wants them to be aware that in the future,  parking on 900 North will not be allowed because of the future traffic signal.  Dr. Barton said he is not planning to use the street for parking at all.  They are providing more than the required number of parking spaces in their parking lot.    
Dr. Barton said they plan to replace the existing curb and gutter that is crumbly.    
There was discussion that the right-of-way width on 900 North will be 60 feet.  The Master Transportation Plan shows 900 North as a future major collector which requires a 66-foot right-of-way.   Because the curbs are already set and the road width is established, the 60-foot right-of-way will meet the intent of the Transportation Plan, although it eliminates any type of parking on the sides of the road. 
Sample materials for the exterior finish were presented and meet the requirements of the Code and the Planning Commission approves them.     
David Mower motioned to approve plans as presented by James H. Barton for the construction of a medical/dental clinic to be located at the northeast corner of Main Street and 900 North (C1 use, CS zone).   The approval is subject to Gaylen Matheson’s satisfaction that the ADA situation has been resolved, and also a guarantee from UDOT that they will allow the Main Street access to be moved to the north.  Monte Turner seconded the motion.  The motion carried.   
4.    Sevier Valley Medical Center.  Concept plans were reviewed for the construction of new additions at the hospital.  The proposal is for the addition of a women’s center and a new emergency department. Gary Beck, Brent Schmidt, and Cade Hunter presented plans.
In connection with approval of previous projects on this campus, a new parking lot has been discussed.  The parking lot is to be located north of the existing hospital campus and necessitates installation of conduit in the Cottonwood Wash; therefore, timing for the parking lot will happen closer to the time that the emergency department is completed because they are waiting for approval from the State Engineer and the Army Corp of Engineers.  They will build the accessory building that was approved a few months ago, and then they will move on with the women’s center and the emergency department.  They will do the parking as soon as it is approved by the Army Corp of Engineers.  They hope to  have the parking completed before the women’s center and emergency department are completed. 
The plans appear consistent with the rest of the building.  They are seeking approval of the elevations and concept plan, and then they will move forward with engineering plans which will be brought back to this body for review and approval. 
Their timetable is to begin construction of the previously-approved maintenance building on April 4th. It will be finished by mid-June or the first part of July, and then they will start construction of the women’s center.   
There was discussion that the hospital should consider having an access from Main Street into the new parking area.
The concept appears acceptable to the Commission.  They will present formal plans at a later meeting. 
5.    Discuss Possible Rezone.  Chris Matthews wanted to discuss the possibility of rezoning property located at the northeast corner of 200 North 600 East.  The property is zoned MD.  The proposal would be to change the zone to CS in order to allow for a daycare center.
Mr. Matthews said there is only one daycare center in the County and that is in Salina.  There are in-home daycare providers.  He has been doing some preliminary things and market research.  He is to the point of looking at the type of building required to facilitate a daycare center.  The City’s Zoning Code only allows daycare centers in commercial zones.  It is difficult to find a building in a commercial zone that would be suitable for daycare.  The property and home that he is looking at is in the MD zone, but is contiguous to the CS zone.  If the property could be rezoned, this home might be suitable for use as a daycare center.   
Mr. Matthew’s background is in education with a Masters Degree in Counseling.  He taught high school for about a decade before moving to Richfield.  His wife has a lot of experience in special ed and assisting in class rooms.  As far as licensing, they are very qualified under State regulations to operate a daycare center.  They feel like there is a need for this type of service offering more care, quality care, and care that offers a variety of options including extended hours. 
There was discussion about safety for drop-off and pick-up of children.  If they go forward with the daycare center, he was encouraged to think about a traffic plan for drop-off/pick-up. 
They would be licensed to have 24 children based on the square footage of the home.  They don’t want to purchase this property unless there is a possibility of rezoning the property.  It appears that it would be feasible to rezone this property.  If Mr. Matthews decides to pursue this, a notice of the proposed rezone will be published. 
Mr. Matthews wondered if he would be required to install curb, gutter, and sidewalk on this corner lot.  The Council would have to decide that and might enter a Waiver of Improvements with Mr. Matthews.    
6.    Other Business:  Blaine Poulson and Jon Ogden.  Mr. Ogden owns the lot located at approximately 855 North Main Street.  This is the last lot left to be developed in the Parker Commercial Subdivision.  Mr. Poulson owns property contiguous to Mr. Ogden’s lot.  Mr. Pouson’s lot is not part of the Parker Subdivision.  They have been throwing around the idea of possibly doing a lot tie agreement and constructing a building that would be a natural healing medical facility and alternative health care, possibly acupuncture, a naturopath, and aesthetician.  They are very early in their plans and wanted to present their idea to the Commission and receive any feedback, questions, or concerns. 
There would be no zoning issues for this type of business.  The dimensions of the two properties are 257 feet by 211 feet.  They would use the existing entrance off of Main Street.  They would like to do a lot tie and place the building in the middle of the combined lots because it would look better with less parking between the two lots and allow for parking around the perimeter of the property. 
They would need to be aware of any easements crossing these lots.  There is an easement between the two properties and so if the lots are joined and a building built on the lot line, they would need to have the City relinquish that easement.   There is an easement on the Ogden property that could be used in the alternative. 
       A.   Discuss General Plan and Master Transportation Plan.  Greg Bean said he has made significant progress on the General Plan rewrite.  He anticipates being finished next month and will bring the changes with him next time. 
Steve Kunzler said he talked with Jones & DeMille about the original City maps for the Transportation Plan that they produced.  He wanted an electronic copy so maps could be printed.  He plans to meet with Cynthia at the County.  He has the original County and City maps that matched each other in 2006.  The County has updated their map and the City map hasn’t been updated so they really don’t fit each other.  They are looking for the electronic file that was produced in 2006 so that it doesn’t need to be completely redone.  He said he will still do some follow up on it. 
       B.   Discuss setting meeting with City Council and Ombudsman for training and question/answer session.  Some suggestions would be training on State law and how to protect road corridors. 
       C.   Other items.  There were no other items. 
7.    Adjournment.  Adjourned at 8:40 p.m.
PASSED AND APPROVED on the 4th day of May, 2016.
/s/ Michelle Curtis
      Deputy City Recorder