Minutes – 02.05.2014



                                                                                                                                                       Atthe Planning Commission

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                                                                                                                                                       February 5, 2014


            Minutesof the Richfield City PlanningCommission meeting held on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Steve Kunzler, presiding.

          1.     RollCall.

          2.     Minute Approval.

          3.     Joyce Butcher /Country Loving Daycare.

          4.     Geoff Barnes:  Conditional Use Permit

          5.     Sevier Medical Center:  Surgical Wing Addition.   

          6.     Brady Hansen:  Final site plan for Hansen Collision Center.

          7.     Valerie and Milton Jensen:  Concept plan for diesel repair shop.

          8.     Discuss Zoning Code.

                  a.   Casitas/Mother-in-law Quarters.

                  b.   Sign Ordinance:  Consider allowing wind sailbanners/double-sided


                  c.   Discuss providing provisions requiring opengreen spaces.

          9.     Appointment of Planning Commission Chairand co-chair for 2014.

        10.    Other Business. 

        11.   Adjournment.

  1.  RollCall.  Roll call was answered bySteve Kunzler, Pat Hansen, Brion Terry, David Mower, Greg Bean, Monte Turner, andJeff Albrecht.

City Staff Present:  Zoning Administrator GaylenMatheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.    

Also Present:  MayorDavid Ogden, Geoff Barnes, and Valerie Jensen. 

  2.  MinuteApproval.  The minutes of January8, 2014, were reviewed.  David Mower motioned to approve the minutesof January 8, 2014.  Monte turnerseconded the motion.  The motion carriedunanimously.

Mayor Ogden expressed appreciation to the Planning Commissionfor the time they donate to the City.  Hestated that they are true volunteers.  Truevolunteers aren’t paid:  Not because theyare worthless, but because they are priceless. 

  3.  JoyceButcher.   Consideration is given to approving aConditional Use Permit for  Joyce Butcher’sbusiness called Country Loving Daycare to be located at 690 North 300 East (C1use, R1-10 zone).  Mrs. Butcher was notable to be present, but her application was reviewed.  Mrs. Butcher is in the process of becominglicensed by the State.  She isCPR-certified.  She is scheduled to haveher kitchen inspection later this week, and will schedule a fireinspection.  She will be licensed for 16and will have a helper.  Her helper willpark off the street.  She is aware thatshe can have a sign no larger than 2’ x 2’ in the window of the home.  She has been advised that she needs toimplement procedures that promote safety in dropping off and picking upchildren, i.e. asking parents not to park across the street so that a childmight get hit running across the road. 

Brion Terry motioned toapprove Joyce Butcher’s daycare business called Country Loving Daycare to belocated at 690 North 300 East (C1 use, R1-10 zone) with the condition that shemeet the requirements listed on the application including a fire inspection andproviding a letter from the home owner stating they are alright with herconducting this business.  Monte Turnerseconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 

  4.  GeoffBarnes.  Consideration is givingto approving a Conditional Use Permit for an ATV repair shop to be located at209 South Main (old fire station) (C-1 use, Dzone).  Geoff Barnes is present.  He said he bought the old fire station to usefor his business which is a small ATV repair and service shop.  The business has been in Aurora for the pastcouple of years. 

As far as waste oil, they have purchased a waste oilfurnace that will be installed this fall. It will burn more than the amount of oil that they will ever use.  They will catch all of their oil and recycleit.  When ATVs come in with mud, theyplan to wash them off on the cement pad at the back of the property.  They will then let it turn to dirt, andshovel it into the dumpster.  ChairmanKunzler advised there does need to be some effort put into containing the washarea so it doesn’t flow onto the neighbors or out into the City street, andperhaps take a look at waste in the interior so that it doesn’t become anissue.  A condition for approval will bethat if waste oil becomes an issue, Mr. Barnes will address it. 

Parking was discussed. There is concern that customers will park on the driveway in front ofthe building and then back out onto Main Street.  There is an approximate 10’x18’ area of grassin the front.  He has thought abouttaking that out and putting in cement creating a round driveway with anentrance and an exit so that customers can pull through the parking area.  There is plenty of parking with a turn-aroundin the back.  He is having a sign madethat says “Parking in Rear” or “ATV Drop in the Rear” so that people will pullin the south driveway to the back of the building to unload.  He has also parked a few UTV’s on the grassarea for a display.  He could park thoseon the cement parking area in front to discourage customers from parking in thefront.   

He does not plan to do a lot of signage.  He said he has banner signs that are taken inevery night.  He was advised as far asthe A-frame signs, they cannot be placed in the right-of-way.    Theyare allowed at one sign per 100 feet of frontage.  It was recommended that any time he isconsidering putting up signage, he should come in and talk with the ZoningAdministrator to make sure it is allowed.  

David Mower moved that JeffBarnes be granted permission to operate his ATV repair shop on the followingconditions:  He will comply with allwaste water regulations, comply with all sign regulations, and comply with allparking regulations.  Monte Turnerseconded the motion.  The motion carriedunanimously.

  5.  Sevier Medical Center.  Plans were reviewed for the expansion of thesurgical wing at the hospital.  (CG zoneC-2 use).  This will be at the northeastcorner of the hospital and constructed of like materials.  The new construction eliminates some parkingspaces, but those have been picked up elsewhere on the hospital campus.

Greg Bean motioned torecommend that the City Council approve the addition of a surgical wing to thehospital.  Brion Terry seconded themotion.  The motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Kunzler mentioned that hospital administration discussedwith him their concern about traffic pulling out from the hospital onto MainStreet.  In the future, a street light isplanned for the intersection of 900 North Main. However, 1000 North Main is the main entrance into the hospital.  Chairman Kunzler said UDOT can look atlowering the speed limit, but the hospital is also concerned with patrons ofthe fitness center parking on Main Street. They seem close to the corner and obstruct vision of oncomingtraffic.  They would like the City tocheck to see that the no-parking zone is to City standard. 

6.  Hansen Collision Repair.  Brady Hansen and Corey Hansen are present toreview the final site plan and drainage plan for Hansen Collision Center to belocated at the southwest corner of 800 South 100 West.  The site plan has been previously approved withthe condition that the Planning Commission wanted to see the final site anddrainage plans.   

David Mower asked about the proposed road on the eastside of the property and wondered if it has to be dedicated to the City.  Brady Hansen said it is already a City right-of-waybut he has to develop the road to the centerline plus 10 feet.  They have to give 15 feet of their propertyto the City for the right-of-way with the curb, gutter, sidewalk, and utilityeasement.   When the other side of theroad develops, that landowner will be responsible to install the balance of theroad with curb and gutter on their side of the street. 

As a side note, Mr. Hansen wondered if the City could putin a yield sign on the short street that runs east and west by Boyter Weldingand going onto 100 West. 

They intend to landscape 10% of the property asrequired.  They plan to landscape alongthe canal.  They are providing a detentionbasin which will be lined with sewer rock. They will make it look nice.   Mr.Hansen wondered if it would be alright if they decide to do two smallerdetention basins rather than one larger one. He was told that isn’t a problem as long as they retain their drainage.   

Mr. Hansen wondered if they would be required to installthe curb return along the canal bank on Cove View Road.  He was told they will have to install thecurb return similar to how it was done across the street by Auto Zone andAaron’s Rentals. 

  7.  Valerieand Milton Jensen.  Concept planswere discussed for a proposed diesel repair shop to be constructed on 100 Eastbetween 800 and 1000 South (old water slide property) (CS zone, C1 use).  Valerie Jensen is present.  She wants to make sure this is a feasibleconcept plan before purchasing the property.  This is a discussion item only.

The plan would be for Jensens to install curb, gutter,sidewalk, and paving along 100 East, all the way from 800 South to 1000South.  The building on the corner of1000 South 100 East (previously Central Utah Food Sharing) does present someissues as concerns the street right-of-way. That building sits close to the road making it difficult to get theright-of-way width and still maintain parking for that building.   The right-of-way width for 1000 South is a66’ right-of-way and the right-of-way for 100 East is a 60’ right-of-way.  Jensens will have to work with that propertyowner.  

The DRC had mentioned the possibility of screening areaswhere trucks will be parked.  Mr.Matheson said that the building will be large enough to park three trucksinside and so they will be parked out of site.   

Mr. Matheson explained the Site is comprised of asemi-truck repair shop, an office building, and an accessory dwellingunit. 

Mrs. Jensen discussed the irrigation ditch which is onthe north side of their property.  Theyplan to pipe it and bury it.  She wasadvised that they won’t be able to build on top of this. 

A street light will have to be installed every 300feet.  She was asked about the power poleson 1000 South.  It appears they line upso that they will be in the middle of the sidewalk.  She said she measured everything and thosepoles actually come in the sections where the gravel would be.  They aren’t in the street and they aren’t inthe sidewalk.  There are two.  She said they are on the edge of the sidewalkand she thinks one might have to be moved, but she doesn’t think the other onewould have to be moved.  She will alsohave to look at the poles on 100 East.

They need to have a plan for retainage of drainage.  An engineer will have to do thosecalculations. 

There is accessibility to water and sewer.  They will add a fire hydrant.   Fencesare shown. 

The DRC discussed the utility connections.  Water and sewer will all have to be on oneconnection except that there could be a separate water meter forlandscaping. 

The entire parking area will be asphalted.

The road will need to be engineered to handle the weight ofthe trucks.  There may be issues with theroad right-of-way and the existing curb at the Soda Run (previous RichfieldSales & Leasing car lot). 

The major obstacles appear to be water, both incoming andoutgoing,  and road right-of-way issues. 

  8.  DiscussZoning Code:

            a.  Casitas/Mother-in-LawQuarters.  There has been discussionin the past whether to revise the Zoning Code to allow casitas/mother-in-lawquarters in residential zones of the City. The question was posed to the City Council.  The Council would like the Commission topursue this.  The question is whether theexisting ordinance needs some subtle changes, or if a whole new section shouldbe adopted.  Chairman Kunzler asked thatall Commission members come next month prepared to discuss this so theCommission can decide which direction to go. 

            b.  Sign Ordinance (wind salebanners/double-sided vertical banners).  The Council asked that the commission consider the Sign Ordinance as itapplies to a certain type of banner.   Amodern trend in signage is the use of a sign called a “Wind Sail Banner” or“Doubled-Sided Vertical Banner”.  Thoseare prohibited under the current ordinance. The Commission is unanimously in favor of allowing these types ofsigns.  A change in the ordinance will bediscussed at next meeting. 

It had been suggested that the Zoning Code be dividedinto sections, with each Commission member being assigned a section andbecoming an expert on that section. Brion Terry will divide the sections and make assignments.  Chairman Kunzler asked that Pat Hansen take theassignment of the Sign Ordinance and review it next month in connection withallowing Wind Sale Banners in the Ordinance. 

            c.  Open green space.  The Council had requested that the Commissionconsidering making provisions in the Zoning Code that require green spaces fordevelopments.  This matter wastabled. 

  9.  Appointmentof Chairman and Co-Chairman for 2014.  Brion Terry was appointed chairman for 2014.  Monte Turner was appointed co-chairman for2014. 

10.  Other Business.  There was no other business. 

11.  Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

PASSED AND APPROVED on the 5th day of March,2014.

/s/  Michelle Curtis

      DeputyCity Recorder