Minutes – 01.07.2015


                                                                                    At the Planning Commission
                                                                                    In and For Said City
                                                                                    January 7, 2015

Minutes of the Richfield City Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman Steve Kunzler , presiding.
       1.     Roll Call.
       2.     Minute Approval
       3.     Public Hearing:  Receive comments concerning an application filed by
               Kirt Christensen requesting a rezone of Parcels 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-3-10, and
               1-3-27 from the MD zone to the R1-10 zone.
       4.     Request for Rezone:  Consider recommending approval of an application
               filed by Kirt Christensen requesting a rezone of Parcels 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-3-10,
               and 1-3-27 from the MD zone to the R1-10 zone.
       5.     Cove View Estates Subdivision Preliminary Plat
       6.     Jim’s Auto Master / Jim Keele.
       7      Hansen’s Collision Center.
       8.     Other Business:
               a.   Items to be discussed at meeting with City Council on January 20, 2015.
               b.   Appointment of Planning Commission Chairman for 2015.
               c.   Other items.
       9.     Adjournment.
 1.  Roll Call.  Roll call was answered by Brion Terry, Greg Bean, David Mower, Monte Turner, Jeff Albrecht, Steve Kunzler, and Pat Hansen.
City Staff Present:   Zoning Administrator Gaylen Matheson and Deputy City Recorder Michelle Curtis.    
Others present:  Corey Winkel, Kirt Christensen, Jim Keele, Corey Hansen, Kim Hansen, Brady Hansen, and Lindsay Hansen.
2.  Minute ApprovalJeff Albrecht motioned to approve the minutes of November 5, 2014, and December 3, 2014.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 
3.  Public Hearing6:12:49 PM  A public hearing was held to receive comments on an application filed by Kirt Christensen requesting a rezone of parcels 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-3-10, and 1-3-27 from MD to R1-10.  There were no comments.  The public hearing closed at 6:13:07 p.m. 
4.  Request for Rezone.  Kirt Christensen is present to request a rezone of parcels
1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-3-10, and 1-3-27 from the MD zone to the R1-10 zone.  These parcels are located east of 700 East Center Street.  This was discussed preliminarily at last month’s meeting.  There didn’t seem to be any concerns with rezoning the property. 
Monte Turner motioned to recommend approval of an application requesting the rezone of parcels 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-3-10, and 1-3-27 from the MD zone to the R1-10 zone.  David Mower seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 
5.   Cove View Estates Subdivision Preliminary Plat.   Corey Winkel is present to discuss the preliminary plat for the Cove View Estates Subdivision. 
Mr. Winkel advised that the plat has been changed showing that lot number 7 is a larger lot at 3.01 acres.  Sewer manholes were discussed at last month’s meeting.  Mr. Winkel advised those have been changed showing they will be placed at a distance of no greater than 300 feet.   The water line has been redrawn showing that it goes all the way to the north edge of the property. 
Jeff Albrecht wondered about the historic drainage going through the Keisel’s property?  The aerial map shows an area where it appears that surface water comes across the Keisel property.  Mr. Winkel said all of the drainage is to the southeast.  He said there may have been drainage there several decades ago, but nothing drains there now.  Everything on his property drains mostly to the east, but it does side wash some to the south.  When it gets to the bottom, the water comes off of that field and goes into a secondary water ditch. 
Jeff Albrecht said the water needs to be contained, but with these being 1-acre lots, it shouldn’t be difficult to show how it will be contained on each lot.  He points out that Kay McIff is planning a retention basin for a future phase of his subdivision.  Mr. Winkel could plan for that in future phases.  When Mr. Winkel submits his final construction drawing and final plat, his engineer could do some rough drainage calculations and include a statement on the plat so the owners know they are responsible for the retainage of water on their property.   If the lots were smaller, he would maybe have to designate an area to do a retention basin.  Mr. Winkel asked if the Commission is suggesting that he set aside a lot or two for retention?  Jeff Albrecht said he doesn’t think there is enough water to justify that with  the larger lots.  When he does another phase of the subdivision, there may be a need for a retention basin.  Mr. Winkel’s engineer will have to come up with a rough calculation on how much water will be yielded on the street.   Mr. Winkel wondered if it’s alright to put the drainage in the ditches?  He was told he would have to have his engineer do calculations, and he might have to have permission from the irrigation companies.  It is Jeff Albrecht’s opinion that more than likely a lot of the street water in the gutters of the street. 
Gaylen Matheson points out that the plat needs to designate there is no access from 500 East onto lots 1 and 2.  Mr. Winkel said he will have an easement so he can get down the back side of those lots, but it won’t be a main driveway access. 
There is discussion that the temporary cul-de-sac should be extended to the east side of the subdivision which would be all the way to the east side of lot 7.  It was suggested that it might be better for the sidewalk to go straight all the way to the end of lot 7 rather than bowing into lots 6 and 7.  The temporary cul-de-sac would be at the east end of lot 7.  Mr. Winkel said this is not going to be a gravel cul-de-sac.  It will be asphalt with curb, gutter, and sidewalk going around the entire radius.   He does not like the idea of people pulling from the gravel turn-around and back onto the asphalt street and tracking gravel back onto the street.   He also does not like the idea of a raw edge of asphalt which would crumble and break as people drive into the temporary cul-de-sac.  This is acceptable to the Commission.  When the time comes to take the road further to the east, they can rip out the bulb, or they can leave the bulb there. 
There was discussion concerning streets going north/south through the subdivision in future phases of the subdivision.  Mr. Winkel said he will keep that in mind for future development.  He thinks when the time comes, he should be able to squeeze a couple of lots together and put in a north/south street.  He was advised to keep in mind how it affects adjacent property owners. 
The plan needs to be drawn showing that the sewer line stubs all the way west to 500 East Street.   
Jeff Albrecht points out they will need to ensure the streets meet the City’s current pavement design.  Also, as the reviewing engineer hired by the City, Mr. Albrecht said he doesn’t feel comfortable doing a final construction review until all of the preliminary requirements have been met.  He needs a copy of the final plat to review.  He notes that Mr. Winkel needs to provide a title report, a tax clearance, and letters showing that utilities can be taken to the property. 
Jeff Albrecht motioned to recommend approval of the preliminary plat for the Cove View Acres Subdivision contingent upon receiving the items required in the application:  title report, tax clearance, and evidence of available services.   Pat Hansen seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 
6.  Jim’s Auto Master/Jim Keele.  Jim’s Auto Master is on the agenda for review of his Conditional Use Permit which was issued in August.  This was on last month’s agenda, but Mr. Keele was not present at that meeting; therefore, it was tabled until this month so that he could be present.  Part of last month’s discussion was that there are still a lot of cars at this property, but it is obvious that Mr. Keele is making an effort to clean it up.  The general consensus of the Commission was that they were happy with the efforts that are being made, but wanted to discuss it with Mr. Keele. 
Greg Bean said he counted 20 cars on the property plus three boats.  Greg Bean said he likes the way Mr. Keele has parked the cars in rows.  It looks neater.  He has started painting the building as well so that it is looking better.  Mr. Keele thinks seven cars plus the boats will be gone by the weekend.  That will leave him with 13 vehicles.  Monte Turner commented that he drives past there two or three times a day and his opinion is that the appearance of the property is greatly improved.  Mr. Keele said he is trying to downsize.  He is not currently operating at the Center Street location.    
Steve Kunzler made a motion to extend the Conditional Use Permit for Jim’s Auto Master with Mr. Keele being made aware that the Conditional Use Permit can be reviewed if complaints are received or if the City has concerns.  Greg Bean seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 
7.  Hansen’s Collision Center.  Brady Hansen, Lindsay Hansen, Corey Hansen, and Kim Hansen are present.  They are requesting approval of the construction of another building at their business located at 830 South 100 West.  Brady Hansen said they have a contract with UDOT to sandblast and paint some of UDOT’s larger equipment.
The building will be steel and will match the existing building.  The building is 50’x50’ and will be situated at the southwest corner of the property. 
Brady Hansen explained that all of the improvements are already at the property.  They will not need a water or sewer connections because they will extend those services from the existing building to this building.  The building will be a large empty building with lights and a divider wall down the middle of it. 
The building will sit back 5 or 6 feet from the fence, but it is actually 25 feet to the property line.   
Steve Kunzler wondered if there are requirements or standards for sandblasting?  Gaylen Matheson said the Commercial Building Code addresses it.  Steven Kunzler wondered if it will be totally contained because he knows when UDOT was sandblasting, they had complaints from neighbors.  Brady Hansen said they do plan to contain it in a filtration system.   
Monte Turner motioned that approval be given for Hansen Collision Center’s plans for the construction of a 50’x50’ building as shown and located at 830 South 100 West.  Jeff Albrecht seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 
The Hansens will bring their engineered drawings to Gaylen Matheson. 
8.   Other Business
         A.  Steve Kunzler said he thought the City’s road design book calls for 4 inches of pavement and that is different than what is proposed for the Cove View Subdivision.  The proposal for that subdivision is 3 inches.  He might be wrong, and perhaps the type of pavement makes a difference, but 3 inches doesn’t seem quite right.  As the reviewing engineer, Jeff Albrecht will check that.    
         B.  At last month’s meeting, Greg Bean took the assignment of gathering information concerning the City’s policy for the distance between sewer manholes. He went to Public Works Director Gary Barney and asked why the City needs manholes to be no further apart than 300 feet when the State standard is 400 feet.  Mr. Barney told him it is because of the City’s equipment.  The equipment will not allow them to go 400 feet.  The City expects to have the equipment for a long time, and does not have plans for new equipment in the near future.  
David Mower followed up on the legality of the City’s Ordinance.  The City’s Ordinance is alright.  The State standard says 400 feet, but the City has adopted a book of planning requirements with a list of exceptions and one of the exceptions is that the City wants to go 300 feet rather than 400 feet between manholes.  The City is allowed to be more restrictive than the State standard. 
         C.  The Planning Commission will be meeting with the City Council on January 20th.   The Commission would like to discuss the Master Transportation Plan.  The General Plan could be discussed as well.  The Commission would like to have some maps that could be drawn on.   They are interested in having something that shows property lines. 
The issue with power poles could also be addressed. 
Gaylen Matheson will work on getting some maps that can be used.
         D.  Brion Terry was appointed to serve as Planning Commission Chairman for 2015.
9.  Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 8:05  p.m.
PASSED AND APPROVED on the 4th day of February, 2015. 

 /s/  Michelle Curtis
        Deputy City Recorder