Corrected Agenda (date of meeting)

CORRECTED (meeting date)




PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission of Richfield City, Sevier County, Utah, will hold a meeting on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at the Richfield City Center, Richfield, Utah, commencing at 6:00 p.m.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:  (NOTE:  The agenda may be accelerated or the line items may be discussed in any order.)

1.       Roll Call

2.         General Plan Discussion      

          A.         Micklane Farmer/Lindon Friant to discuss County Transportation Plan.

            B.         Discuss Detached long-term dwelling units (casitas).

            C.         Discuss multi-family zones and whether separate dwellings can be allowed

                        on one lot.  (Maridon Rappleye).

            D.         Sign Ordinance.

3.         6:30 p.m.  Public Hearings

            A.         Receive comments concerning a proposal to amend the water share

                        requirement of the Annexation Policy of the General Plan for Richfield City.

            B.         Receive comments concerning a proposal to amend the Zoning Code as it

                        pertains to setbacks in residential zones.  The proposal is to change the front-

                        yard setback to 20 feet, with the garage being set back a minimum of 25 feet,

                        and a porch being allowed at 15 feet from the property line. 

4.         Action on Public Hearing

            A.         Consider recommending that the Council accept the changes to the Annexation

                         Policy of the General Plan regarding water shares. 

            B.         Consider recommend approval of a change to the Zoning Code concerning front-

                        yard set-backs. 

 5.        Conditional Use Permits

            A.         (Short-term Rental).  Consider approving Jesse Gettler’s request allowing him to

                        operate a business called J&L Mini Retreat as a short-term rental at 246 West

                        800 South  (CS zone, C-1 use).

            B.         (Short-term Rental).   Consider approving Brennon Atterton’s request allowing

                        him to operate a short-term rental at 153 West 800 South (CS zone, C-1 use).

            C.         Consider approving Valerie Shryder’s request for a home occupation permit                    

allowing her to conduct a business called Epic Designs at 245 North 440 East

                        #10 (C1-use, CS zone).

            D.         Consider approving Lana Hansen’s request for a home occupation permit

                        allowing her to operate a photography studio at her home at 1855 Cove View

                        Road (C-1 use, R1-10 zone).

            E.         Consider approving Christopher Zebley and Katey Zebley’s request for a

                        conditional use permit allowing them to conduct a business called C and K

                   Country Creations to be located at 24 West 100 South (D zone, C-1 use).

            F.         Review and consider recommending final approval of Pearson United’s plans for

                        the development of a condominium project and overnight-stay project (mixed

                   use) to be located on 100 West between 500 and 600 South (RM-24 zone/CS

                        zone, C-2 use). 

            G.         Review and consider approving Shad Peterson’s proposal for the construction of

                        a building to be used for the purpose of manufacturing of photography props

                   and a photo office/studio to be located in the Business Park south of Dogberry

                        Creations)  (Manufacturing/Office – MG zone, C-1 use).

            H.         Consider approving Sinisha Kostich’s request allowing two apartments in the

                        bottom of the old church building that was recently approved for community

                        activities  (i.e. dance lessons, bingo, reception hall) (RM-11 zone). 

            I.          Consider recommending that approval be given for Andrew Hermann’s request

                        allowing a mixed use at 104 North Main (formerly known as “The Vault”).  The

                        request is to allow the building to be used as a mixed use comprised of a

                        restaurant/reception hall, offices, and four apartment units (D zone, C-2 use). 

            J.          Consider approving Henry Barlow’s request to conduct a manufacturing

                   business at 2200 South Red Hills Drive (former Winkel Distributing building)

                        (MG zone, C1 use)

6.     Minutes Approval:

            A.         Consider approving minutes of March 2, 2022. 

7.         Other Business

            A.  Report on questions from last month (U-Haul and public parking lots).

8.     Adjournment


The undersigned Deputy Recorder for the municipality of Richfield City certifies that a copy of the foregoing Amended Notice of Meeting was posted at the Richfield City Office, on Richfield City’s website, posted on Utah Public Notice Website, on April 5, 2022, and mailed electronically to each member of the governing body on the 1st day of April, 2022. 


                                                                                                                                                                         Deputy City Recorder


If you need a special accommodation to participate in the City Planning Commission Meetings, please notify Michelle Curtis, Deputy Recorder, (435) 896-6439, at least 3 working days prior to the meeting.