Agenda 3.05.2008

Published: February 28, 2008



PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission of Richfield City, Sevier County, Utah, will hold a meeting on Wednesday, March 5, 2008, at the Richfield City Center, Richfield, Utah, commencing at 7:00 p.m.             The agenda for the meeting is as follows:  (NOTE:  The agenda may be accelerated or the line items may be discussed in any order.) 

1.  Planning Commission Chairman presiding.

     a.    Roll Call.

     b.    Approval of minutes for the meeting of February 6, 2008.

2.  Public Hearings.

     a.         (7:00 p.m.)  Receive comments concerning a proposed amendment to the General Plan and zoning map allowing the zoning of the property located at approximately 100 East 900 South to be changed from the RM-11 zone (Multiple Family Residential) to the CS zone (Commercial Shopping).

3.   General Plan and Zoning Code Amendments

      a.  Consider recommending to the City Council that the General Plan and zoning map be amended changing the zone of the property located at approximately 100 East 900 South from the RM-11 zone (Multiple Family Residential) to the CS zone (Commercial Shopping).  

4.   Other Business

      a.  Review requirements for curb, gutter, and sidewalk for Luxury Homes located at 1280 South 400 West.

       b.  Consider request by Rial Thompson to use storage sheds at his property located at 359 South Main.

5.   Planning Commission Business

      a.  Appoint Planning Commission Chairman and Co-Chairman for 2008. 

      b.  Items for next agenda.

6.   Adjourn Meeting      

CERTIFICATE OF POSTING, FAXING, AND MAILING   The undersigned Deputy Recorder for the municipality of Richfield City certifies that a copy of the foregoing Notice of Meeting was posted at the Richfield City Office, on Richfield City’s web site, faxed to The Richfield Reaper at (435) 896-8123, and mailed to each member of the governing body on the 28th day of February,  2008. 


Michelle Curtis, Deputy City Recorder 

THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN ALLRICHFIELD CITY PLANNING COMMISSION MEETINGS.If you need a special accommodation to participate in the City Planning Commission Meetings, please notify Michelle Curtis, Deputy Recorder, (435) 896-6439, at least 3 working days prior to the meeting.