Here at the Richfield City Pool, we offer anybody the ability to rent out the pool for any occasion. The entire pool and deck will be yours, as well as our patio outside. Tables and chairs can be set up for you at your convenience, and you may bring food for the rental during the occasion. To book a rental, please come in to sign up, and pay the deposit fee in at least a week in advance. Terms and conditions below must be met for every rental. If you have any questions, give us a call at (435)-896-8572.

Terms and Conditions

A $50.00 deposit is required for all facility rentals. This deposit is an addition to the rental contract fees. The deposit is refundable if this contract is upheld.
The Rental deposit MUST BE PAID 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE. This is to confirm the rental, if a cancellation must be made, advance notice would be appreciated and your deposit can be refunded. If a cancellation notice is not given within 7 days of the rental date or this contract is not upheld, the deposit will NOT be refunded. 

​Pool Rentals are for the exclusive use of the facility, which includes the pool, deck, and patio. If you would like to bring coolers, grills, tables, anythings else for the rental, please check with management or a supervisor. Any damage to the items you bring are not the responsibility of the pool management or staff.

No rentals will be allowed to extend past the designated rental time unless given 7 days in advance. There will be no extensions on the day of the rental. If the renter does not cooperate, the deposit will not be refundable.

Any damage to pool property caused by breaking listed rules due to any negligent act by a member of the rental party becomes the responsibility of the renter.

Richfield City and the employees of the Richfield City Pool are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.

Cleanup of the pool facilities immediately after a rental is the responsibility of the renter. This includes cleaning up and throwing away trash, clean up of spilled food and beverages, removal of any decorations, and tables and chairs used.

Immediately after the rental, a supervisor, lifeguard, and the renter, will inspect the rental area for damage and lack of cleanliness.

All rules will be enforced by the staff of the Richfield City Pool. If accommodations need to be made for those with special needs or health concerns, we will be happy to assist.
The option to have the AquaTrack set up for your rental is free of charge on Fridays and Saturdays, all other days will require a $25.00 charge for the AquaTrack.