Mayors Corner 6/18/20

Dear Friends:

Years ago, I was in a UDOT training to become a flagman for a local contractor.  A question was raised about emergency flagging at night and people not dimming their headlights.  I raised my hand and said, “When people don’t dim their lights, I hit them with my brights to remind them to be more considerate.”  The instructor replied, “Well then, now two of you are blind.”

I’ve often thought of this lesson when I have been “straightened out” by others who have their bright light of ideas for me.  They’re ready for me to fire back with my bright lights. Actually, they sometimes think I don’t have any light at all.

What happens when we’re blinded by these bright lights?  What happens when neither party can see down the road?  The result is likely disaster and chaos.  It has served me well to remember the lesson I learned so many years ago.

With the current shouting and unrest that’s taking place in America, perhaps we need to resist the temptation to “hit ‘em with our brights” to teach them a lesson.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not endorsing the BLM movement.  In my opinion, many of their goals are misguided and will hurt America. 

I do, however, believe wholeheartedly in dialogue and discussion of ideas and a willingness to listen.  The dimming of our lights is a matter of safety and respect.

Mayor David Ogden