Mayor’s Corner 3/10/2021

Dear Friends:
Experiences are personal. You have yours; I have mine. Sometimes we have shared
experiences, but even then, we view them through our own personal filters. I’ve always felt
more comfortable writing about my own feelings and experiences than suggesting how others
should feel about any subject. This comes, undoubtedly, from a profound fear of being told off
in public.
I’m going to break my rule this week, though. I’m going to take the chance and share what I
think the average Joe (or Josephine) Schmoe is thinking about when it comes to politics these
days. I might be right and I might be wrong. I guess Joe will let me know.
As far as the economy is concerned, I think most Joes believe that times are pretty good, but the
past year’s highly fluctuating tides have made us anxious. Joe wants to see more stability in the
economy before we borrow more money from China.
Most Joes I know are really willing to give new national leadership a chance, but they fear that
early and future directions by this group (ironically led by a Joe) will hurt, rather than help our
country. Most Joes I know didn’t like Trump’s lack of statesmanship, but supported most of his
policies. Most believe that if had he been more statesmanlike, Hillary would have been in charge
for the last four years, and likely the next four. That frightens most Schmoes all the way to their
toes (apologies to Dr. Suess, who should probably be a topic for another week).
It’s time for all Joes to look forward, rather than dwell on the past. We are where we are. God
willing, this Joe knows we’ll have other chances to get more conservative thinkers at the helm of
the ship. To this Joe, we seem rudderless. It seems that directions are being called out from
somewhere hidden below deck. This Joe believes we should sincerely pray for whomever is in
charge, so we don’t get so lost that it’s impossible to get back on course.
Who do I have confidence in? Those who have braved heavy seas and know where the
lighthouses are. Those who have the best interest of the passengers; all of us. Those who
recognize that following paths of lost ships only gets us lost too. We have a map. It’s our
divinely-inspired constitution. We have the stars to guide our course. They are the
commandments of God that are never-failing and always in our best interest. If we follow them,
we’ll be led to safety. We’ll be led home.
For those Joes and Josephines out there who disagree, remember that I’m just another Joe. My
opinion and five bucks will get you a darn good cheeseburger and fries at Sandi’s Drive Inn.
Mayor David Ogden