Mayor’s Corner 2/17/2021

Dear Friends:
It’s dangerous these days to take a position on anything. A simple opinion can so easily bring
disapproval, and even scorn, from those we love. Because we share so many common bonds, I
falsely assumed that the conservative ideals I have generally espoused would naturally be
followed by my family. They haven’t. I’ve learned that when a son or daughter marries, they
connect with a whole new set of traditions that both enrich their thinking and diminish my
With sports teams, my family has been more faithful. Cheering for a baseball team other than
the Dodgers is only allowed if you have had residence in another franchise city. The same holds
true for football. Because I grew up cheering for the Packers, it’s expected that all will don
cheese heads and heavy green coats while watching pro football.
Not cheering for BYU means you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Cheering for Utah
State, however, is permitted because 1.) She Who Shall Not Be Named (SWSNBN) graduated
from the school in Logan, and 2.) she allows and even provides food in the family room on
Saturday afternoons.
The Utah Jazz is another case in point. Any family member not enthusiastically cheering for
“my” team must sit outside with no coat (and I hope it snows the entire game). I’ve actually
converted a few this way, but I’m not convinced of their loyalty. Others have been caught
sneaking jackets, quilts, and hot cocoa out to the misguided holdouts.
I have been disgusted, disheartened, and distraught over the way professional teams and players
have disrespected our country, flag, and freedoms. I understand their motivation. I know that
many baseball and basketball players are from other countries, and I’ve never expected anything
more than the common decency to stand and be respectful while listening to our national anthem.
I would do the same in their countries.
I’ve exercised my prerogative to boycott Major League Baseball and Pro football this season.
I’ve managed this easily without any complaint from SWSNBN. She doesn’t enjoy football
anyway, and three-plus hour baseball games usually involve waking me from multiple naps to
verify I’m still alive. I guess that gets tiresome. My symbolic boycott has made every Sabbath
more peaceful. Apparently, throwing stuff at the TV while couch-coaching is not conducive to
the Spirit.
It’s a little tougher with the Jazz. After living with a Jazz fanatic for so many years, TB (The
Boss – she needs a new and shorter name) has finally learned all the nuances of the game.
Remember, I’m protesting. I’ve taken to watching with one eye and not yelling “Yes” every
time we make a three-pointer (and we are making lots of them this year). TB reminds me once a
week that it’s “we” when we’re winning, and it’s “they” when we fall behind. So now, it’s TB
who yells “Yes”. I’ve literally bitten my tongue three times this season.

Lest any of you think that I’m making light of a dark subject, I’m not. I will not open both eyes
until they open theirs. We live in the best country in the world. Those who have sacrificed so
much deserve our respect, our vigilance, and our devotion. The flag represents freedom to the
oppressed, fairness to all, and a willingness to do what it takes to keep freedom’s light in the eyes
of all humanity.
Does racism exist? Sadly, I fully acknowledge it does. Regrettably, there has always been
racism, and we, as a people, should abhor it. However, I submit that shoving the supposed
solution down our throats will cause us to gag rather than relax and swallow. The Savior said,
“Love One Another.” It wasn’t a suggestion. It was a commandment, and it’s the only way to
solve the ills of the world.
Mayor David Ogden