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Mayor’s Corner 4/21/21

Dear Friends:The Boss told me this week that omitting needless words is one key to a great article. She alsoinformed me that any mention of her qualified as such. I guess that leaves Dolly Dog as the onlygirl that I can write about without complaint.Dolly wouldn’t admit it, but she is slipping a wee bit. It’s understandable, given the dog/ageconversion factor. She’s zoomed by me in age like I’m standing still on the freeway. Most days,she’s nearly stepped on several times while she putters around looking for crumbs.Dogs generally hear much better than humans, but I think Dolly’s going deaf. …

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Mayor’s Corner 4/14/2021

Dear Friends:Do you remember Simon and Garfunkel? If you lived in the 1960’s I’m sure you do, but throughthe decades their music has been enjoyed …

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Mayor’s Corner 3/24/2021

Dear Friends:More and more, I’m seeing people with whom I’ve broken bread graduating to the next realm oflife. I hope and believe I’ll be able …

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Mayor’s Corner 3/17/2021

Dear Friends:In the summer of 1972, I found myself on the end of a shovel at the LA Young Construction hotplant just west of Green …

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