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Mayor’s Corner 5/5/21

Dear Friends:I received an invitation to Lake Powell last weekend. I accepted, of course! The weather wasfantastic, the winds were calm, and the fish were biting. If every weekend was like this past one,we’d have to make reservations years in advance to get on the lake.We each have a lifetime’s worth of accumulated memories, both good and bad. I generally try todwell on the good ones, but occasionally a memory or two pops up that reminds me of times thatchallenged my resourcefulness and my love of mankind. Tough times are needed to reallyappreciate the good times. If everybody was always …

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Mayor’s Corner 5/12/21

Dear Friends:I stumbled into a little league baseball game the other day. It was a delight. Coaches and parentswere yelling encouragement to boys and girls. …

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Mayor’s Corner 5/19/21

Dear Friends:As I sit here in an old house with an old dog putting together an old puzzle, I find myselfwondering, “whatever happened to the …

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Mayor’s Corner 4/21/21

Dear Friends:The Boss told me this week that omitting needless words is one key to a great article. She alsoinformed me that any mention of …

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