Historical Structures

The above map has been generated using a kmz file that is better viewed using Google Earth.  The following instructions can help you use the kmz file.

Using the “Richfield Historic Structures.kmz” File:

1.       Click and Save the .kmz file to your computer

2.       Google Earth must be installed on your computer (free download at https://www.google.com/earth/)

3.       Either “drag and drop” the .kmz file directly into the map window of Google Earth or choose “File > Open” and navigate to the .kmz file

4.       A listing named “Richfield Historic Structures” will be added in your “Temporary Places” folder

5.       Right click on the “Richfield Historic Structures” listing and choose “Save Places” to move it to your “My Places” folder

6.       Click on the [+] box to the left of the listing to expand the folder; there are folders for homes built in each decade from 1860 through 1940, as well as a folder with existing historic commercial buildings.  Uncheck boxes to turn off different features on the map (ie. to view only homes from a certain decade).  Each decade is color-coded, and you can move around the map or double-click on the address icon to enter “Street View” and see an image of the home.  You may have to pick a side of the street to look at, since some of the addresses are linked in the middle of the nearest street.