Historic Richfield

Learn What Richfield Is All About

Richfield is the county seat of Sevier County, located in west central Utah. It is the largest city in the county and lies in a fertile valley surrounded by beautiful red rock mountains and snow covered peaks. The county can be best described as “rural diversified” due to the convergence of agricultural, retail and industrial activities. Part of Richfield’s great appeal is its small size. With a population of 7,111 people, residents can enjoy a quality of life free from congestion, pollution and noise. Yet, even for a community of this size, residents enjoy varied shopping, restaurants and cultural activities. Richfield is part of Panoramaland, and is a popular thoroughfare to several nearby National Parks and Forests, all providing abundant recreational activities. The area has been long known for it’s outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hiking, fishing and hunting. Mountain biking and All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riding events have recently added to the area’s popularity.

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