Frequently Asked Questions

Leisure Services

Cove View Golf Course

Yes. Call the golf course at 896-9987 for tee times or schedule online by clicking here.

We are open every day (weather permitting), and are only closed due to special events.

See tournament schedules here

Parks and Recreation

The office is opened from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. 

The office is located at 75 East Center, in the basement. 

Richfield Parks and Recreation Department has leagues, classes, events and races scheduled throughout the year. There are youth and adult leagues available in softball, basketball, flag football, and volleyball. There is also a youth soccer league and other activities available. 

For a complete listing of our programs, click here to view the activity guide.

All of the parks in Richfield City are open to everyone during daylight hours. You can reserve a pavilion through the Parks and Recreation Department by calling (435) 896-5546, or coming in to the office at 75 East Center Street. The fee is $25 per time block. Time blocks are 7 am – 11:30 am; 12 noon – 3:30 pm; and 5 pm – 9:30 pm. The fee can be paid with cash, check, visa or mastercard. If you have any questions, contact the Parks and Recreation office. A reservation form is available online. 

City Park – 300 North Main; Lions Park – 600 West 400 North; 

Rotary Park – 800 South 100 West; Centennial Park – 1000 Centennial Park Drive 

Swimming Pool

Richfield City Pool is located at 600 West 500 North. Hours are adjusted frequently, so please contact the pool for current hours, fees, and information on passes. The phone number is (435) 896-8572. 

For a complete listing of swimming pool programs and information, click here to view the activity guide

Public Works

Access the application form here or pick one up in the Building and Zoning Department at the City Offices located at 75 East Center. 

A Building permit is generally needed if any structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical changes or additions will be made. Access the application form here or pick one up in the Building and Zoning Department at the City Office located at 75 East Center. 

Yes. If it affects structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical elements. Repairs or replacement of existing elements are generally exempt from needing a permit. Re-finishing such as dry wall, floor coverings and paint do not need a permit. 

Call (435)-896-6439 and ask for the building inspector, Gaylen Matheson. 

Yes. And you must provide the Building Permit Number when scheduling an inspection. 

As long as the flat work is not structural, a permit is not required. 

If the retaining wall is over four (4) foot high, you will need a permit and engineered plans. 

As long as the structure is less than 120 square feet and has no electric or plumbing features, a permit is not required. Any size building with electrical or plumbing features requires a Permit and inspections. Verify the setbacks with the Building & Zoning Department. Call 435-896-6439. Access the application form online or pick one up in the Building and Zoning Department at the City Office at 75 East Center. 

A permit is required to install a fence.  Building a fence requires consultation with our Building and Zoning Dept.  You will need to check with the Building and Zoning Department to verify the setback and location requirements.  Access the application form online or pick one up in the Building and Zoning Department at the City Office at 75 East Center.

Front: 1’ off sidewalk and no more than 36” high. Side and rear: along property lines and a maximum of 6’ high. 

Fire Department

Yes, by appointment. Please arrange tours a minimum of 7 days in advance. Call the Fire Department Public Relations Officer, Brion Terry, at (435) 201-9722 to arrange your tour. 

Richfield City uses the State of Utah open burning rules. Section 2.4.4 E of the rule allows open burning of vegetation that is incident to yard clean-up activities located outside of Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Utah Counties, provided that the burning occurs during the periods March 30 – May 30 and September 15 – October 30. Other times during the year, BURNING IS PROHIBITED. You would be well advised to call dispatch at (435) 896-6471 before you burn and inform them of what you are doing. This would allow for faster response should you lose control. Good judgment should be used when burning weeds nears wood fences and structures. 

  • Your fire must be a very small fire designed for cooking of food. It is considered a recreational fire. It should be in a pit, barrel, or fire container, and confined to an area no larger than 30 inches in diameter and less than 300 square inches, with flame lengths no higher than 3 feet during the ignition phase and thereafter kept as a small smoldering fire. In the surrounding area, a minimum of 2 feet in all directions shall be free of combustible materials. 
  • The fire must be attended until completely extinguished. 
  • If the fire becomes a nuisance to your neighbors, you may be asked to extinguish the fire. 
  • If the fire results in an out-of-control-fire, the responsible party shall be charged for the suppression costs. 
  • The fire department therefore would recommend that all recreational cooking be done over a gas fired appliance to limit the possibility of a fire becoming a nuisance to your neighbors.