Agenda 4.08.08





Pursuant to 52-4-6(2), UCA, notice is hereby given that the City Council of Richfield City, Sevier County, Utah, will hold a regular council meeting on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 in the Council Chambers, Richfield City Center, 75 East Center Street, commencing at 7:00 p.m.  The agenda shall be as follows:  (Note: The agenda may be accelerated or line items may be discussed in any order.) 

1.                  CALL TO ORDER

2.                  OPENING REMARKS

3.                  PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE by invitation

4.                  ROLL CALL

5.                  EXPENDITURES APPROVED – Warrant register for February 2008

6.                  BUSINESS

a.                 Mike Langston and Garrick Willden to discuss cemetery asphalt project cost revisions, Rotary park road construction project plans, 300 South College Avenue project time line for completion and partial College Avenue bid items to be transferred as options to the Rotary Park project bid.

b.                 Tristan DeMille to finalize plans for the Main Street/ Block 45 parking project.

c.                 Kevin Arrington to report on the Rocky Mountain Jamboree and funds the City has budgeted for the event.

d.                 Sam Morgan to discuss rock crushing equipment.

e.                 Mike Langston to present proposal to purchase 10-acre feet of underground water rights to be paid for with funds received from past annexations approved by the City Council.

f.                    Consider the purchase of 205.018 acres with an option to purchase another 21.967 acres of BLM land to be used for future public purpose site and which is land presently being utilized as a public shooting range, subject to the review and acceptance of the appraisal price. 

g.                 Consider approving the $9,950 Library matching grant request from the State Division of History for the purpose of lowering and refurbishing the upstairs ceiling, including new lighting, energy efficient windows, painting and woodworking for window frame repairs.

h.                 Consider wording as presented by Mike Langston for the adoption of a wastewater property damage policy.

i.                     Consider adopting Ordinance 2008-3 amending the general plan and map and the Land Use Ordinance and map changing the zoning for property located at 100 East 900 South from high density to commercial shopping and from RM-11 to CS, respectively; contingent upon the property being developed commercially.

j.                     Councilmember Lunnen to report on Planning Commission meeting.

k.                  Consider approving a revision to the Commercial Park land purchase agreement between H&G Cattle Ranch and Richfield City for consideration and adoption as presented by Mike Langston.

7.                  OTHER BUSINESS

8.                  EXECUTIVE SESSION

a.                 Discuss the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual(s) to serve on the Veterans Memorial Fund Raising Committee.

b.                 Real Property Purchase

 9.                  ADJOURNMENT