Council Agenda – 2.8.11


                                            OF THE CITY OF RICHFIELD

                                                SEVIER COUNTY, UTAH

Pursuant to §52-4-6(2), UCA, notice is hereby given that the City Council of Richfield City, Sevier County, Utah, will hold a regular council meeting on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 in the Council Chambers, Richfield City Center, 75 East Center Street, commencing at 7:00 p.m.  The agenda shall be as follows:  (Note: The agenda may be accelerated or line items may be discussed in any order.)

1.              CALL TO ORDER

2.              OPENING REMARKS

3.              PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE by invitation

4.              ROLL CALL

5.              MINUTES APPROVED  Jan 11 and Jan 25, 2011

6.              EXPENDITURES APPROVED –  Jan Warrant Register

7.              BUSINESS

a.              Public hearing to receive comments on a request for a donation to the Freedom Chair project.

b.              Consider approving a donation to the Freedom Chair project.

c.              Discussion concerning condemnation proceedings for property needed for the airport expansion project and consider starting the process.

Bartley Johnson of the Utah National Guard to request support for the Community Covenants Program.

d.              Discuss plan review fees and consider any changes as discussed by Paul Hinrichs.

8.              OTHER BUSINESS

9.              ADJOURNMENT