07.17.18 Council Minutes

At the City Council
In and For Said City
July 17, 2018
Minutes of the Richfield City Council special meeting held on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Richfield City office building located at 75 East Center, Richfield, Utah. Mayor David C. Ogden presiding.
1. OPENING REMARKS were offered by Councilmember Barnett.
2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was led by Councilmember Christensen.
3. ROLL CALL. Present: Mayor David Ogden, Kevin Arrington, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson, Matt Creamer, Mike Langston (Not voting), Michele Jolley. Excused: Bryan Burrows.
4. UPDATE ON THE HOSPITAL PROJECT. Gary Beck thanked the City for all of their support. It is 30 days short of being 6 years since the project began with the new hospital. They originally started looking at building a new facility. After the downturn in the economy, IHC decided not to do anything. They went back and came up with a phase replacement strategy which was supposed to take place over a 30-year period. They started out with the front building, which is the 2-story building and as soon as it was finished, there were a lot of doctors who wanted to come. They had had a hard time recruiting doctors, but because they had doctors who wanted to come, they ended up expediting the phase replacement plan.
Within a short period of time they remodeled the imaging program, then they added on a new OR suite with the storage space and the final 2 projects, which were just complete, was the emergency department and the women’s facility.
He wanted to express gratitude for the City’s patience and understanding. The carpeting by the nurse’s station will be replaced in the next few weeks with some flooring. Councilmember Barnett asked if the whole 30 year plan was compressed into 6 years so it is all done now.
5. FUNDING FOR HONOR FLIGHT PROGRAM DISCUSSED. Tom Rose and Stan Chappell were present to discuss the Honor Flight that is coming up for Vietnam Veterans to go back to DC. In November, Mr. Rose and Ron Thorne had the opportunity to go back and be a part of the Vietnam Veterans flight. They experienced something they were totally not prepared for. It was very moving for him.
Mr. Rose is the chairman of a committee and just as of late they have held an event called “Run for the Vets” for the last 3 years. It has become more meaningful as time goes along. They are asking for the City’s support in trying to get 25 Sevier County Vietnam Veterans back to DC. This committee is sponsoring and dedicating a single honor flight, which they can do if they raise the funds. Otherwise, the honor flight takes Veterans back to DC in the order which applications are submitted, so by their funding this flight, they can take guys from this County as a group.
As a group, they have raised 40% of the $25,000 that they need to make this happen. They would like the city to aid them in this effort and they asked if the City would commit to fund 2 guys at $1,000 each or a total of $2,000.
They are also doing some other fund raising events and they have a few pledges from businesses.
On Wednesday, August 29 they are hosting a golf tournament and they are asking the City to donate the green fees and the cart fees for that tournament.
They do have a deadline because the flight is October 18 thru October 20, 2018.
Stan Chappell stated that the tournament being held on a Wednesday is not typically a day that there is a lot of participation at the golf course. He stated that they hope to fill all the slots and estimated that if the City were to donate the cart fees and the green fees, the City may make that lost revenue up in food and beverage sales. Mr. Langston noted that the City waives all of the green fees for tournaments, but does not typically waive cart fees because that is where the City makes its money.
Councilmember Creamer would rather the Council give money as opposed to waiving cart fees because this would set precedence and it would be difficult to say no to the next group that would ask the same thing.
Councilmember Barnett felt that the Council should also consider that this is an ongoing program and not just a one-time flight for the Veterans. We have been approached to do flights before, so the possibility and the probability exists that there will be more than this one flight going forward in the further. He felt that the Council needed to decide how deeply we want to be involved in this. Do we want to be involved for one flight, do we want to make an ongoing contribution for flights in the future. Mr. Rose stated that this flight is going to atypical of any other that he could see in the future because it will be all Vietnam Veterans from our community.
Motion: Donate $2,000 to Run for the Veterans and waive green fees for their golf tournament, Action: Approved, Moved by Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Richard Barnett. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Bryan Burrows.
6. OVERNIGHT SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT APPROVED. Jacque Muir and Lori Roberts discussed the softball tournament that will be held on September 7 and 8. They have been approached by many teams about having an all night tournament and they feel there would be more teams if they were able to meet the demand of what people want. This is a trend that is really popular right now. Redmond just hosted their overnight tournament and they had 50 teams. They asked the Council to consider allowing them to hold an all night tournament. They would use the Rotary Park and potentially the Lion’s Park, depending upon the number of teams that sign up.
Every year they do this as charity softball tournament and every year they pick a different charity. This year the charity chosen was the 222nd and they partner with the Chamber to make this happen. They have 8 or 9 teams come every year that are traveling teams, so the teams would really like to see an all night softball tournament. Councilmember Barnett stated that he was concerned about this becoming a regular thing because of the neighbors who live by the Rotary Park. It would be imperative that field one not be used and the lights turned off after 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. Motion: Approve an overnight softball tournament for September 7 and 8 at the Rotary Park and potentially the Lion’s Park with the condition that the lights on field one be turned off earlier with no games beginning after 10:00 p.m., Action: Approved, Moved by Connie Nielson, Seconded by Kathy Christensen. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Bryan Burrows.
7. PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT. No report was given.
8. POLICE DEPARTMENT DISCUSSED. Chief Lloyd stated that it has been 4 years since we renegotiated the contract with the SROs with the school district. the contract had caps on salaries of $30,000 and benefits every 6 months; and there were caps on uniforms and vehicles and so we would hit the caps long before we ever got to the $75,000 reimbursement limit. Our last reimbursement for 2 officers on the current contract was $69,000, and that was one of the bigger ones. It was usually around $65,000 to $71,000 for 6 months.
We have been averaging $69,000 to $70,000 in expenses per reimbursement. The School District wanted to streamline the contract process and there was an argument as to what the reimbursement should be. With the new contract, we will bring in the true $75,000, so it will receive approximately $11,000 more. Councilmember Barnett wondered if there was any way to add in the incremental increases. Chief Lloyd tried to get this, but the School District would not include this in the contract. This contract was a compromise and Chief Lloyd thought this was a fair compromise. The contract was signed, but he wanted to let the Council know what was going on. The contract will go until 2022.
The change with the task force is working out well. The way it is being handled now involves all of the officers working together and not just a few.
9. OTHER BUSINESS. Councilmember Barnett reported that there is a guy who lives in the apartments on 500 South that has an ongoing yard sale in the parking lot every Saturday. During the week, he pulls the stuff back under the carport and every Saturday he pulls it out and covers the parking lot. Councilmember Barnett wondered if he was in violation of the ordinance and if anything can be done about it, because it should not be allowed every weekend without a business license.
Councilmember Barnett stated that on Saturday morning, there was an entire camp of trailers set up in our parking lot on 300 North and College Avenue. Mayor Ogden stated that he gave them permission to park there because the KOA was full. The Council felt that there should be signs posted on that parking lot to prevent this in the future.
Councilmember Barnett reported that there was a man living in a trailer up by the “R”. Chief Lloyd indicated that they are aware of this, but it is private property and unless the owner wants him gone there is not anything that we can do. The City does have a land use ordinance which only allows the use of a camp trailer on private property for 7 days. Chief Lloyd stated that he will get a copy of this ordinance and address this.
Food trucks and our ordinance were discussed and that they could be allowed in a parking lot with permission.
Councilmember Barnett stated that he was contacted by the ULCT today and the Executive Board of the ULCT has taken a stance in favor of the in-land port the way it is now constituted. They are having a special session tomorrow to deal with that specific issue.
Councilmember Nielson stated that there is someone on her street that is doing a business and she wondered if he were licensed. He is doing mechanic/body shop work in his backyard and parking the cars in front of his house. They are renting this house.
EXECUTIVE SESSION. At 8:28 p.m., Motion: Adjourn regular session and convene an executive session to discuss a potential litigation matter, Action: Approved, Moved by Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Kevin Arrington. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Bryan Burrows.
10. RECONVENED. At 8:56 p.m., regular session reconvened.
11. OTHER BUSINESS CONT. The Council addressed a letter they received concerning the parking on Main Street. Councilmember Nielson wondered if we could have an article in the paper explaining some things so that people understood that the behind the buildings where there are parking lots, there is handicap parking and handicap ramps. Councilmember Barnett noted that there is not anyway to put handicap parking on Main Street.
The Council discussed irrigation water. We no longer have any to put in the ditches because of the drought. There is some overflow coming out of the spring and Mayor Ogden felt that it was a shame that those who want to use it are not able to. There is not really an equitable way to divide this up. Mr. Langston stated that it would be sporadic this time of year because there will not be much overflow. Mayor Ogden would like to come up with a lottery for the water in the spring ditch. Councilmember Nielson thought that we would be asking for trouble. Councilmember Barnett stated that if you cannot give the water to everyone, then we should not give it to anyone. Councilmember Nielson felt that we just need to cut it off. The consensus of the Council was not to allow the usage of the overflow from the spring to be used for irrigation purposes.
12. MEETING ADJOURNED. At 9:05p.m., Motion: Adjourn, Action: Approved, Moved by Kathy Christensen, Seconded by Richard Barnett. Vote: Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote (summary: Yea = 4). Yea: Kevin Arrington, Richard Barnett, Kathy Christensen, Connie Nielson. Excused: Bryan Burrows.
PASSED and APPROVED this 14 day of August, 2018.