02.28.23 CDBG 2nd Public Hearing Minutes



The Richfield City second CDBG public hearing was held on February 28, 2023, at 7:06 p.m., in the Council Chambers at 75 E Center, Richfield, Utah, 84701, and the meeting commenced at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Burrows, Brayden Gardner, Todd Gleave, Kip Hansen, Elaine Street, Tanner Thompson, City Manager/Recorder Michele Jolley, Finance Director Tyson Hansen.

Others Present: Edward Nielson, Brady Edwards, Kylee Boyter, Matthew Lenhart, Micklane Farmer, Carson DeMille, Kris Allred, Kristi Allred, Michelle Olsen, Vanez Butler, Jeff Albrecht, Heidi Stringham, Trent Lloyd, Keith Mogan


Mayor Burrows opened the second public hearing for the CDBG program. Mayor Burrows stated that this hearing was called to allow all citizens to provide input concerning the project awarded under the 2023 Community Development Block Grant Program. Richfield City has amended its capital investment plan and decided to apply for funds on behalf of the Lions Park, 389 North 600 West, and Rotary Park, 800 North 1000 West, Project. Mayor Burrows introduced Brady Edwards from the Lions Park and Rotary Park Project. Mayor Burrows explained that the application was successful in the regional rating and ranking process, and the Lions Park and Rotary Park Project was awarded a $220,000 grant. Mayor Burrows stated that we had taken many old shrubs out along 600 West and had Mr. Edwards explain what we would do with this area and the rest of the project to those in attendance.

Mr. Edwards stated that the area where the shrubs were removed would have two sets of steps and handrails installed, at the rest of the area will be filled in with a red decorative rock. In addition, we will stripe parking spaces along 600 West and have some designated handicapped parking. Around the Lions Park ballfield’s perimeter will be a concrete sidewalk/walking path. He stated that the sidewalk/walking path would also go towards the pavilions. Every time we rent those facilities, we have issues because Lions Park is our most popular park, and it is hard for people to get coolers and other large items to the pavilions. On the north of Lions Park, a sidewalk would run from 600 West to the north pavilion. The project will also include the installation of 12 solar pole lights to light the path and other dark areas in Lions Park. We hope this will help deter some of the vandalism we have seen at the parks.

Mr. Edwards explained that the improvements at Rotary Park would include a new restroom facility on the park’s southwest corner. This area has always been of concern because anyone using the playground, pavilion, or basketball court has to go clear across Rotary Park to access the restrooms. Providing additional restrooms next to the pavilion and the playground would benefit people using those facilities. In addition, because this area needs better lighting, we would install two solar pole lights for safety and security.

Mayor Burrows stated there are many improvements planned for Lions Park, and these improvements will be a good start toward updating Lions Park.

Mayor Burrows then asked for any comments, questions, and concerns from the audience.

Mr. Edwards asked if we could apply for this grant every year. Mayor Burrows indicated that we could apply for this grant every year. One consideration in the grant is the match that the City is willing to contribute. The City’s share for this project is $149,719.60. Mayor Burrows stated that copies of the capital investment plan are available if anyone would like a copy.

Mr. Edwards indicated that the City has already improved the skatepark part of Lions Park. With the installation of the sidewalk/walking path that is part of this project, moms can walk the perimeter and watch their kids playing at the skate park.

Edward Nielson asked if the shrubs that were removed were along the ballfield. Mr. Edwards stated that they were. Councilmember Gleave and Councilmember Street said it made this area look much better. Mr. Edwards noted that the City held a competition to see how many balls would be found when the junipers were removed. They found 318 balls in those shrubs without digging through them. They even found tunnels, forts, etc., that the kids had built in the shrubs.

There were no more comments, and the hearing was adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

PASSED and APPROVED this 28th day of March 2023.